My C9comp pics [finally]

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  1. Finally got off my duff and took some pics:



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    Nice, you got my C-9's twin brother, same grip and everything.
  4. I was wondering if they still made those. When I bought my C9 I wanted the comp version but couldn't get it. Last time I was at the shop he said he hadn't gotten any in yet. Don't know how hard he tried, or if he tired, but I'm glad I didn't wait! Right now I wouldn't trade my C9 for the comp anyhow.
  5. looks lonely............... do we see a big brother on the horizon?????? :D :D
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    what is the advantage/difference between the regular and the comp?

    besides being bigger and having a 10 round mag in addition to the 8 round one
  7. The COMP has a slightly longer barrel, which should contribute to marginally greater accuracy and muzzle velocity. Furthermore, the compensator may minimize muzzle rise, though I haven't seen a real problem with my C9 compact.

    The compact can use the same 10-round mags as the COMP, so that's not really a difference.
  8. I had my eye on the 40SW (still do). Wife expressed interest in using the handgun, so I opted for the 9mm. ;)
  9. That's one nice gun you got there.
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    Congrats, not many of us C9 Comp owners in here :D , I much prefer the comp to the C9.
  11. after having the c9, it hard to imaging that c9-comp will be much better than c9. the recoil is not much of problem at all, and the amound of weight compensater has add on the c9... i just don't think the comp, is need it for c9. however, being able to add laser, light on the c9-comp might be the upside for c9-comp.
  12. I would like to know if there is any appreciable difference in recoil between the two - I basically got the comp9 so my wife (who's never shot a firearm) wouldn't be scared. Which is why I didn't go with the 40SW. Kinda like starting a new shooter with a 30-06.
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    taglebones: where in MD are you at? I wonder how the comp is shooting. Maybe we need to meet up one day.