my cf380 with a few mods I love it..opinions please

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by creaturepizza86, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. creaturepizza86

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    Mirror polished the slide. Ejector port. Safety.polished feed ramp..I usually use the hogue grip because I love the front finger grooves but I wanted to show off the new camo grips lol
    Let me know what you think guys.

    pics don't do the Polish job justice looks better in person couldn't get lighting right to capture how nice the Polish actually looks

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  2. creaturepizza86

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    A lot of people talk down on hi points I personally can only speak of the cf380s of had two in the past as well but I love the gun for the price
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  3. HP-Texan

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    Love it! That looks pretty damn sharp. It's quite hard to get a good pick of a nice polish job
  4. SWAGA

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    Nice...know you need a Joey Keychain and a flush mag.
  5. creaturepizza86

    creaturepizza86 Member

    I have the standard 8rd mags as well...what do u mean by flush
  6. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    Don't forget the Mahan sights!
    Looks good creaturepizza86.
  7. Browning 9 Guy

    Browning 9 Guy Premium Supporter Member

    Beautiful lettering

    Cfeature, the white lettering, too, is beautiful - crisp and clear. How did you do it? (My attempts at white fill have resulted in smudging.).
  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Definitely onr of the better done polishing jobs!
  9. creaturepizza86

    creaturepizza86 Member

    There's no color fill or white just polished.. must b the lighting that made it look like that
  10. I second the Joey keychain. Polish and install one of those!
  11. creaturepizza86

    creaturepizza86 Member

    Hmm link to we're I can buy one? ..they function well?
  12. Definitely the best $23 I have spent on my c9, the Joey keychain takes away the side to side movement that the factory trigger has. You can find ordering information in the link below.

    After Market Trigger Sales Thread
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  13. TRWXXA

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    For the love of God and all that is holy... Read and re-read the ordering instructions BEFORE you start asking how you go about ordering a Joey keychain, and join the legions of those humiliated in the past for doing just that.
  14. Looks good creature. For the same weight, I like the C9 slightly more than the CF personally, but I have shot the room mates CF 380 a few times since he got it. Accurate, and very little felt recoil. Absolute joy to shoot.

    I noticed an almost gold tone in the first pic. Wonder how a C9 would look with some gold leaf.
  15. vanguard1

    vanguard1 Supporting Member

    not good for getting into a gun fight in the woods at knight with a bunch of commies, the will be able to see you by the shine of your slide from the light of the moon....:rofl: