My CF380 with a laser *NOW WITH PICTURES*

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  1. If you looked at the thread then you saw sunkenloot's C9 with a laser. I have the same style of laser mounted on my CF380.

    I didn't take the time to do any fine adjustment but the laser was sighted to match the laser boresight tool at about 20 yds. So, at 3 yds, the laser was about 1.5 inches higher and at 7 yds, the laser was about 1 inch higher.

    And the result... after 50 rounds, the laser moved less than 1 inch to the left but the vertical stayed very close to the original setup.

    IMHO, this gun is a real kick to shoot but with the laser it really rocks. The CF380 is my HD gun so I'll probably leave the laser on it.

    And yes, photos will follow shortly.
  2. sunkenloot

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    Nice, could you post some pics of how you rigged it up?

  3. Here is a pic of the gun with the laser:

    Here is closer pic of the laser:

    The pressure switch:

    Closer pic of the mount:

    Picture of the mount from the other side. At location "A", I used a dremel tool to grind down the back of the top to fit better. At location "B", on the extension that is included with the laser, I trimmed the portion that fits against the trigger guard to get a better fit.

    A view from the front:

    Here is a picture of the laser dot with the bore sight laser dot. The distance is about 3 yds. The dots converge at about 20 yds.
  4. Interesting look. have you tried it at the range? Does it stay centered?
  5. I like that laser. Looks like you may be able to do a little more trimming for an even better fit. That curve at the back of the laser almost matches the curve of the pistol right in front of the trigger guard.
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    Thats the exact same laser i mounted on the rail on my C9 comp....Mounted on the rail my C9 actually blew it apart, glad to see its holding up on the .380. I was going to mount it on the trigger gaurd like that but it just didnt leave enough room for my big dumb fingers, probably would have held together better that way....oh well. Lesson learned.
  7. I took it out last night for a second time. Ran 60+ rounds through it. From what I can tell the laser moved slightly off-center but the vertical stayed the same.