My Christmas Gift To Be

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  1. So I picked out what I'm going to get for xmas from the wife. The Saiga 7.62x39 (unless the come out with a 54r before christmas, but will never happen) With that I'm requesting she get's 1000 round pack from the local place that has wolf for $100.00. Then I plan on selling off some junk to buy a duracoat spray kit and a camo-pack for a snow camo. Which is pretty impractical, but I have always loved the snow camo looks. See below for rough idea.

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  4. I think that's the price, will have to double check, but I do believe that's about right.
  5. I've seen 1000 rounds for about $200 or just a bit less. Never $100, that's a steal
  6. I COULD be wrong, but not sure. Will have to check again. Maybe it was 500 rounds. Was looking up lots of different ammo deals that day.
  7. Dude, if you get that ammo for $100.00 I want some!
  8. Ok, I can't find that now, so I might have to say I was wrong.
  9. Not practical for me either but that snow camo does look pretty cool
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    100 dollars? Buy 50 cases if you can.