My city is packing heat

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by 1knight, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. All I can say is good for them! It's about time people started to get wise.

  2. Yeah now I have a gun im going to go down to the sheriff dept and get my permit
  3. I don't like the fact that there’s no firearms training to go with the license. Just doesn't seem smart to me. No problem with it otherwise though.
  4. Gun Control = Sharp Eye, Steady Finger!
  5. Ari

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    No training here... If you can pass the BG check they have to issue it...
  6. I agree with you they interviewed a lady that says she doesnt even know how to use her gun but feels safe she has it now thats scary that this lady could hurt or kill someone
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    I am just glad that I do not live in a state that issues CCW permits.

    :D Because here in IN. we are a shall issue Life time license to carry a Handgun state. There is nothing in our laws that say that it has to be concealed or that it has to be carried in the open. :lol:
  8. I support gun control... I practice shooting regularly.
  9. What Allegheny county is doing is illegal.
    In PA if you meet the state guidlines that is all that is required and other government entities cannot superseed state law, there is also a time limit that your permit will either be approved or denied in x amount of days.

    Allegheny county is a lawsuit in the making.
  10. I thought something was wrong with this if the State Troopers feel your qualified for a permit why is the sheriff seen to it that you cant carry
  11. freedom

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    It would make me feel safer and much happier to know that there were that many people with CCW in St.Louis.

    The more there are that carry the safer your community is.
  12. Actually, I don't think this is automatically correct. I know in Wisconsin when a CCW law was being discussed it granted the ability for individual municipalities to administer the program as they saw fit, or to not allow it at all if it was what they wanted. The same could be the case here.
  13. wow that is almost high you should come to my town.. out of the whole 300 people almost all are farmers and they all carry they just dont have ccw's they like there shotys. also there is no ordance in my town about carrying a loaded weapon as long as 1 you dont go into any stores and two it is in a holster in plain veiw. not to many peopl do but a few of the old timers carry six-guns like this.
  14. When I lived there, I found St Louis and county to not be a very "carry" friendly area. I think CCW is a great deterent if the folks carrying are properly trained.