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My completed 995TS

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I got this a few weeks ago through my FFL dealer friend, for a companion to my 995. I immediately removed the receiver cover and coated it with ceramic engine paint. I wish Hi Point would do something with the finish on the receiver cover, as it is not very appealing. I added a red dot sight, that co-witnesses excellent with the factory sights, except that I had to "tweak" the front sight slightly to align with the factory sight. I used the factory sling studs after grinding off the loops, and mounted Talon swivel slings to use the tactical sling. I also added the Hi Point compensator. I love these little carbines and now I just need to get a 4095, so I can die happy.....................

My 995

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Congrats on your HPs. They look great. I'm going to powder coat the receiver cover and sight ears on my 995TS. I talked with a rep. @ Hi-point today and he said they are considering doing this in the future but right now they can't make their 995s fast enough as it is. He also said they will be shipping .40 S&Ws & .45ACPs with the TS stock in 2010. You all probably knew that already though. He also said TS stocks will be available in 2010 for anyone wanting to convert a "classic" carbine. While I was on the line with him he told me they were now selling a foldable front vertical grip that mounts on the TS lower rail. I ordered one. He said it was the first one to be sold. I'll bet he tells all the guys that. Anyone ity should be here next week. again great looking carbs. Hope to get mine up to speed soon.
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