My "Compond Arsenal"

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by fatmax2, Jan 6, 2008.


    Ruger Mini 14, Chinese SKS, Ruger 10/22 Target, Savage Mark II

    S&W M&P9, Springfield XD-9. Ruger 22/45, Browning Buckmark, and Beretta Neos
  2. Nice Collection!!!

    I love that bull barrel on the 10/22. Looks like you got yourself a fun collection.

  3. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    Very nice collection!
  4. Ya know, there's just something about wood and steel coming together that really just gets my blood goin'!!!

    Heh... I said "wood" LOL!!!
  5. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    the stock on that SKS looks pristine! Mine (and every other I have seen) is beat to crap. Nice collection.
  6. Ah, once again i see a Mini-14. I've got to get one before I go insane.
    If you ever get tired of yours and feel like giving it to a good home, I'd be glad to help out. :p
  7. duker_sponk

    duker_sponk Guest

    Dang that is a fine collection. I love your M&P 9. I just got one from Santa and it's my first pistol and I have to say it was love at first sight. Very nice guns my friend.
  8. I'll have to update the pistol pic, i put a grip on the M&P to improve accuracy. I'll find out this weekend if it works.
  9. Here is my 995, I am now waiting on a 4x scope.