My Cup is Running Over!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by MachoMelvin, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. MachoMelvin

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    Last year I was blessed with a 35 year old china hutch from my wife. She was done with it & ordered it to the garage. BUT, I said wait a minute. I could use that as a very nice lighted gun cabinet for my office. So I removed the glass shelves & replaced them with a very nice looking rack to hold 17 rifles. At the time, I had room to grow? Then I obtained a few pistols, so I made 2 side racks to hold 6 pistols on each side. But, my pistol collection continued growing, so then I made another 6 gun rack for the top back of the cabinet above the rifles. NOW, I must remove all the older racks and redesign the whole thing. But if I max out the cabinet completely, I'll only have room for about 4 more pistols than I already own, now what do I do?
    Maybe I should look at some garage sales for another china cabinet!
  2. Liberty

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    You should post pics or it never happened. =P

  3. wganz

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    surprised this hasn't been posted

  4. MachoMelvin

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    You asked?

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  5. Liberty

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    More pics or it's Photosho....

    But seriously - nice looking gun cabinet. One of these years maybe I can afford or make one, and then afford enough to fill it. Very good way to re-use the cabinet. Your cup is indeed running over. I'm somewhat jealous!
  6. All those evil black rifles look out of place in that beautiful wood.

    But very nice work my friend
  7. MachoMelvin

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    I only had 3-4 pistols & maybe 5 rifles when I started. I have already taken my son's 2 guns & my old shotgun & BB gun to my old cabinet in the another room.
    If this keeps up, I will have to make other arrangements???
  8. MachoMelvin

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    I used to see that signiture on another forum, to remain nameless. One time I complained about how difficult it was to post pictures & they asked me to leave?
  9. Hermitt

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    You should take them all to the next police buy-back...... :p
  10. MachoMelvin

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    BUT, with my obsessive-compulsive disorder, I would just have to start over?
  11. bscar

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    I*got room at my place if you need extra room. :p
  12. cicpup

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    Big fancy schmancy case full of Hi-Points. Bit like keeping a roll of pennies in a safe deposit box.
  13. SteveC

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    Hey, re-purposed furniture to make the fancy case? Seems like the Hi-Point spirit to me!
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    If you put a bunch of dowel into the wood sticking out perpendicular to the side, with a bit of an upward slant, you can put very many more pistols on the sides.

    My guess would be 4-5 deep, and if you space them vertically just enough to show each slide, I bet you could get 15-20 per side.
  15. Visper

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    Very nice Melvin! Way to put an old china cabinet to a better use... well at least in my opinion!