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My custom 995

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Was on the backup forum as well but wanted everyone to see it :)

I am so proud of her :)
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Looking good there dude. Nice to see you had a good use for that bivey too!!!! lol
Did you just add a piece of generic rail, or is that FOR the 995?
Nice looking carbine, looks useful and not cluttered.

Is that a Tasco red dot site? How do you like it? I've been looking to get one for my 995.

The reddot is a BSA, the rail is actually for the AR-15, I burned holes (dont own a drill) in the stock and added screws and washers, I added some loktite glue to get it to be a bit more sturdy.

the BSA reddot works well, I laser boresighted it recently but even before that it was quite spot on...it holds zero extremely well, I can take it off and mount it back on the rail and still hold zero.
Your custom hi-point looks cool. What model is the BSA? Has it stood a lot of shooting by now without the red-dot falling off?
It's the RD-30 model, it's the 30mm one, not the 40mm.

It seems to hold zero real well, I had no problems with it.
aside from the ugly stock if comes with i like what you did with it. its not so hard to look at now that you put some extras on it.
PLEASE buy a drill. Your manhood will thank you. ;-)
PLEASE buy a drill. Your manhood will thank you. ;-)
his method worked didnt it? that was kinda rude you know
I was half kidding. But your sensitivity has shown me the way. *bows* I believe a decent set of tools is necessary to "build" a satisfying life.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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