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  1. Hello everyone, I used to be a member a long time ago under a different name, but I'm back now. Here is my custom 995, its not quite done yet, and first let me tell you that yes this is done with spray paint, no it will not stay that way, it was a dry run to see if I would be happy with the results, it will eventually be Duracoated. So here's what we've got, TS stock painted tan, all the rails, cheek rest and butt pad were left black. Sights have been removed, running a BSA RD30 red dot (also painted), barrel shroud, side rails, dual mag clamp, HP front grip. I have 4 HP 10rnd mags and a ProMag 15rnd mag (holds 16 and works great) I have one of the original sling mounts screwed into the left side behind the grip to use a single point sling. All I have left is to find an inexpensive quality flashlight, and some BUIS, I'll probably go with the ones that are offset at an angle to the right side as any fold down sights would interfere with the red dot. I hand painted the Punisher skull on the cheek rest with model paint. Sorry if the glare is bad, especially on the skull, its gloss paint, and I'm no professional photographer.

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    Push the red dot forward and the BUIS should fit on there, would avoid complication with sighting offset sights too. Gun looks good, if you use good spray paint and clear coat it should last. What d'ya think of my camo-ed 995?

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  3. I'm not brave enough to try camo, I'd screw it up. I like yours though. The problem with the BUIS is how low the RD sits, any flip up BUIS is still going to partially obscure the lens when its down... perhaps ill just have to buy some risers for the RD.
  4. I love that camo job.....very very nice
  5. I do like that camo job. The problem with the Buis is that even folded down they would block part of the RD. whenever I have the funds to buy a set I will see just how much of an issue it is, and if all else fails I can always buy a riser to set the RD on.
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    Are the BUIS too tall? A riser for the red dot would certainly fix it. Btw did you get the skull idea From The Punisher, perhaps? Its one of my favorite movies
  7. If y'all don't mind I'd like to add my 995 to the mix, I just picked it up on monday!!!!
  8. and my plan is to get the 4595 next week
  9. and by the way Y'alls 995's are looking GOOD!!!!!!!! :)
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  11. sorry, can you move it or do we repost?

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    Nice Mods. I like the yellow
  13. Sorry about that double reply, my Internet went insane and I wasn't sure if it went through. Yeah I've seen that post, it has about 15,000 pages and you get lost in it for hours. Haha.
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    Snake skin:D
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    wow, they all look great!

    i actually have a kit of duracoat, sand - i don
    t recall, and will do my 995TS and my buddies Glock.

  16. I know that inevitably the paint will wear off, as it does I will strip it down and try some insane colors, and if I find something I really love then I will use a more durable finish. I'm thinking all blue with red accents? How crazy would that be?
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    Love the visual modifications guys...

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