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My Customized 995

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Howdy - I did a lot of reading on the old forum site before building my 995. I thought I'd post a couple pics.


1. Standard, black 995 - Traded for it

2. ATI stock (HERE) - $50

3. Reworked butt sleeve to hold two magazines (HERE) - $6

4. Bought a 12" piece of picatinny rail from eBay and cut \ drilled it to fit the receiver cover - $15

5. Filed down a spot on the rail and drilled and tapped two holes to mount a Williams peep sight (HERE) - $35

6. Fixed the two-piece front sight so I could lower it enough to use the peep sight - Free

7. Bought an inexpensive 4X AO illuminated scope (HERE) - $35 and some see-through rings (Like those HERE) - $13

8. Bought some sling swivels from Wal-Mart - $8 and a padded sling (Like the one HERE) - $6

9. Two extra mags and a butt pad - $40 and a soft case - $26 (HERE)

Some of the parts I was able to get locally, so I saved on shipping costs.

I think I have about $250 worth of parts (and many hours of labor) in it.

I decided to use both a peep sight and a scope to give me both short range (peep) and a longer range (scope) aiming options. Looking through the peep, I can see the front sight ring, so it is kind of like a peep-in-a-peep set up.

The scope is AO so I can use it for 10 to 100 yards (though I've only shot it at a 25 yard indoor range so far). It is an illuminated cross hair scope with both red and green options and the illumination knob has a rheostat so it is variable brightness. It is also a mil-dot scope, so I hope to practice using that for distance adjustments.

A big thanks to whomever maintains this forum. It's been a good source of info.
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You did a good job on it! Thats a cool looking scope you put on there too.
You have to love the modifications that you can do to a 995. That's 99% of the satisfaction of owning a Hi-Point, is doing your own modifications...

Great looking gun and welcome to the forum.
Great Gun, loved the break down and the web sites on the upgrades you made, the peep in a peep is a good idea.
Question on the scope, have you used an iluminated scope before?
The Leaper Red/Green looks really good on the 995.

One of the uses I have for my 995 is to harvest Coyotes and Foxs that have come in to electronic calls, and I thought that may be the way to go, as my shooting takes place at dusk or after dark.
I just bought a laser from Ridge, here on the forum, (Thanks Ridge) and can't wait to try it out under those conditions.
However, even with the laser I may add a 4X scope to mine. At the range I can see the target, but as it gets dark, I cant see the hit and I think these two items may allow me to do so.
Question on the scope, have you used an illuminated scope before?
I've not used the scope for much other than playing and target stuff. I would think it would be great for your application.

The control knob functions as both an on / off switch and as a rheostat.

Turning it counter-clockwise turns on the illumination (of the cross hairs) and then gradually makes it brighter, the further you turn it until you have turned the knob 180 degrees where it turns off the illumination. Continuing to turn it turns it on again (the other color) gradually making it brighter until you have turned it another 180 degrees where it turns it off again. Half the "turn" controls one color and the other half "turn" controls the other color.

The lighted cross hairs really do make them more visible in low-light situations.
Good job!
Very ingenious application of a peep sight and scope! I likes it!!! :D
Very nice!
very cool!
Thanks for the encouraging words. I had a bunch of fun putting it together. And like I, and others, have said, they sure are fun to shoot.
Great job! How'd you "fix" the front sight to use it with the peep? I'd like to set up a pic-rail rear sight (like on flat-top ARs) to work with the 995 front and co-witness an aimpoint or eotech style electronic sight.

How'd you "fix" the front sight to use it with the peep?
The design of the front sight did not allow it to be lowered enough. There are two pieces, the base and the sight itself.

I had to remove about a quarter of an inch or so from the bottom of the sight. Doing so gets rid of the existing threaded hole used to hold the two pieces together. I then had to drill and tap another hole farther up the post.

When I assembled the sight, the hood / ring around the top part of the sight now kept it from sliding far enough down in the base, so I had to grind off the top of the base part so the top part could slide down far enough to be aligned with the peep.

To be honest, the first attempt ruined the sight and I had to call Hi-Point for a replacement.
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Wow! Thanks. I'd be scared to death to try something like that. At least HP has a great parts replacement center. :wink:

Nice work,nice schematic also.
I have the same style scope in 6x32,love it.
No ati stock though,want to build it on the cheap.
Looks good! Nice job and great idea with the peep sight
looks good.

But btw, if you redo your mag holder using a rifle cartridge carrier you can carry an extra mag in t. I"m actually thinking about finding some more elastic material and adding another loop to the other side for a 4th mag.
Saw your post on the high road.

Did you have to tap the receiver cover or did you drill the rail to make it fit? I just ordered an ATI stock and feel the itch to customize something.

I have a 10/22, but I want to keep it as stock as possible for when my son's old enough to start learning.
I just drilled the rail to fit the existing holes in the receiver cover. I did so with a regular hand drill. If I had it to do over again I would find a way to use a drill press and some sort of fixture to make sure the holes were better aligned. I had to shim my scope rings to get the scope aligned.
Nice pics... how did you rework that but sleeve to hold the mags? I like that idea...good thinking. Is it the Cabela's Shotgun Shell Band ?
how did you rework that but sleeve to hold the mags? I like that idea...good thinking. Is it the Cabela's Shotgun Shell Band ?
Yes, that's the one I used. I just carefully cut the threads that stitched the elastic band onto the sleeve, cut the elastic into two pieces, and restitched it to the sleeve as seen in the picture.

I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the sleeve to allow access to the sling stud. I stitched around the hole to keep it from fraying.

I also had to tuck the front part of the sleeve under a little and hem it because it was about 3/4" too long for the ATI stock.
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