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  1. Here's where I'm at so far with this project. I called BeeMiller to ask if I could purchase a spare receiver cover that I can have it nickel plated. To my surprise, they sell one as part of a chrome upgrade which also includes a chromed barrel guard. I opted for the cover only ($15) being that I'm using an ATI stock. The chrome sucks bigtime, so the next step is to engine-turn the surface.

    And speaking of ATI (or not), I was switched to a HP tech so I could explain which part I wanted. I -mistakenly- mentioned I had an ATI stock so I didn't need the barrel guard, and 'boy-o-boy', did I ever get a winded speech about how bad it was to use an ATI stock. Best to say you got an OE stock and you like the stock blued guard... otherwise get comfy!


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    what specifically did they say about the ATI stock?
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    It matches Bushman's charging handle very well. Looks great.
  4. Quite honestly, I tuned him out after, "Oh you got an ATI stock?"

    I sort of got the impression that this wasn't the first time he gave that speech. And that's his job and I fully understand.
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  6. Ha, I can imagine an old chinese or yugo factory is really concerned about it.

    Executive at SKS factory: "Damn those Tapco stocks!!!"
  7. I'd imagine the folks at Beemiller might be just a bit disgruntled over the fact that ATI has produced a superior stock. A stock in which, had they designed and made it a standard for their product, could make a better name for them and put them in a better light....and ultimately bring the price and value up signifigantly. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I kind of doubt that, think about it, you have to buy the carbine before you can convert it into the ati stock. they got the sale and that is what counts.

    they are concerned about the problems that the ati stock causes and they have to deal with.

    If I were Hi Point, I would have a policy that if someone was having trouble with a carbine in an ati stock that was not an obvious flaw (ie broken feed ramp or something) that you must put the carbine back in the factory stock and fire again to see if the problem clears up before sending it back to hi point for repairs
  9. I don't understand why Hi-Point doesn't try to work with ATI. If they could work together installation would probably be easier and there would less all around problems. Also, I would image there would even be more items available.

    Being able to customize only makes the carbine more popular. There are quite a few people who wouldn't have bought the 995 if they had to leave the original stock on it.
  10. Good point benny, perhaps Hi Point has such a small staff that they do not have anyone to spare for such a job. Who knows?

    We need someone like GM to call them and ask them just that question and see what they say.
  11. I fully understand H-P's position on aftermarket parts. The liability issues are significant. Warranty repairs are costly and if someone else's part(s) contribute to failures, why would you endorse them?

    With some minor design tweaking, the OEM stock could be vastly improved, styling-wise. Unfortunately, tooling new molds is a significant capital investment. And I wouldn't be surprised if H-P has thousands of stocks sitting in their warehouse.

    Personally, I don't think H-P would sell many more rifles than they currently do with a new stock. So why bother investing in a new one. I would think H-P could sell ATI stocks just like they do with lasers and holsters if they wanted to.
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    Apparently they are selling them faster than they can produce them now( as evidenced by the waiting lists) so why go to the major expense of changing things
  13. Its unfortunate that so many people jump on the ATI stock because it makes the carbine look similar to that other more expensive weapon (the name escapes me right now)

    I look at the rifle for what it is, a affordable weapon that will shoot all day and into the night if properly maintained, and there is nothing wrong with the factory stock except that some people do not like the way it looks.

    If you want a vette, dont buy a pinto and put a plastic body on it, buy a vette!
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    Berreta Storm. Thats what you were thinking of.

    And the 995 is a better shooter from what I have seen at the range. Well hicap mags is a handy cap but you get my point.

    And again the 4095 is superior to the 995. Go fig.

    What I would change about the last sentence there is you don't buy a truck and put a car body on it. :)
  15. Good point thayldt, thanks for putting it in the correct manner :)
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    First, I think the ATI is much more ergonomic that the factory stock, it is also made of a higher quality plastic. There are many who did not buy just for the sake of looks, it plain out functions as well or better for me. Also, as far as the ATI CAUSING malfunctions, I just don't see it. There is nothing there to cause functionality problems other than an improper install IMO.
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    i disagree waltham41, no one expects the 995 to work like a storm just because you replaced the stock.. but it does look better and it does have a different feel.. it's like putting different grips on a pistol.

    i also agree they should have a ATI edition from the factory with ATI stock and possibly some other common mods.

    creating a partnership with ATI could help both companies and quite frankly i think HP is incapable of putting out a good looking gun.. let someone else do that part, both companies can benefit, and so does the consumer, it's win win win.

    HP no longer has to design the stock, saving money, In addition the first thing you notice on a gun is size, looks, and cost.
    A more attractive gun might sell better, and become more desirable.
    ATI now can work on other stocks for HP and invest time/money into it.. why is there no 4095 stock? think about it.
    Consumer gets factory matched stocks out of the box.

    the first time i seen a 995 the stock looked totally hosed.. later when i got mine new in the shop i noticed the same wrinkles on the stock.. it looks nasty and cheap.
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    Knoxx, Hogue, Fajen, and other stock manufacturers have done well by partnering with several gunmakers like Remington, Ruger, etc.

    I think ATI and Hi-Point are natural partners - they both gear their products toward budget-minded shooters, and there's an obvious demand for the 995/ATI stock combo.

    Also, I'd like to see another company get in on the Hi-Point aftermarket game. I'd like stock as rugged as the ATI, only without the upward-sloping forend and without the Beretta-style "bridge" from the pistol grip to the buttstock. Tapco's 10/22 and Mini-14 pistol grip stocks are an ideal model here, especially with the molded top and bottom rails with the slide-over covers. I'm sure nobody would object to the adjustable M4-type stock either. I think that's a great feature that would open up so many more mod options on the 995.
  19. It may be that the ATI stocked carbines that have trouble are ones that are put on incorrectly, I cannot say for sure, as I have never seen one in person

    But it seems like everyone lately that is having trouble with their 995's has an ATI stock, and you hardly ever hear of a 4095 having trouble, as there is no ATI stock available for it.

    I have no problem personally with the factory stock and both of my carbines shoot well with no problems whatsoever. We are talking pistol cartridge carbines, the stocks do not have to be as stiff as a plastic stock holding a MN rifle or something like that.

    Its a personal decision and I hope everyone gets what they think is best for them.