My Davis/ Kodiak Denali project

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  1. I recently acquired some Cobra Kodiak Denali frames off Gunbroker, and since I don't have any Denali parts (yet) and a pile of Davis P-series pistols parts laying around, I decided to see just how well the Davis P-series parts would fit onto the Denali frame. The match up is actually pretty good. But as you can see from the pictures, the Denali frame is slightly longer than its CA-380 cousin / P-380 uncle; the frame protrudes beyond the Davis slide forward and aft. The Denali/Davis combo cycles snap caps without a hitch. Next up, I will need to acquire some parts from Cobra to bring Frankenali (or is it a Davali?) to life, but nothing major: I only need the mag release & spring, Denali grips to accommodate the mag release button, and the safety ball and spring. Everything else came of of my Davis parts bin. :)

    Here's some pics of a Davis P-32 slide sitting on the Denali frame for your viewing pleasure. I'll post more as the project moves along. ;)


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    Neat. :)

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    nice little project. caught my attention anyway. i have both a Cobra CA380(my girls, satin nickel with pink grips) and a titanium blue denali. its a cobra, but has kodiak on frame. anyway. both are great guns. the CA is heavy, denali much lighter. both cycle like champs. much better sights on the denali. i engraved fixed sights and painted them. much better. but yeah.. same exact gun, just 1 is steel framed and 1 is polymer. i like the denali frame better. now curios. Would you be interested in selling a pair of the grooved denali grips? i ordered mine based on pic with grooved grips.. but for mine came smooth. u can see where they sanded the grooves down to smooth. anyway.. if ur interested in selling a pair.. let me know
  4. Those are actually Davis grips on the Denali. I trimmed the locating tabs on the back of the Davis grips to accommodate the smaller recess of the Denali frame. They still shifted a bit so I used some JB Weld and added some material and now they fit like a glove.

    It appears that Cobra is spinning off another company (Kodiak). I've seen the Denali sold as a "Cobra Denali" and as a "Kodiak Denali" and the pistols appear on both their websites.
    Here's a link to Kodiak- scroll down and you'll see the Denali:
    Here's a link to Cobra http://
  5. The ring of fire has been stable enough for people to finally figure out who owns what company and who makes what guns. so they must want to confuse everyone again adding some more names to the gun making pot.

    Pot... see what i did there? :D
  6. I saw what you did there... LOL;)