My Day At the CCW Qualifying Range

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by tkd_fan, Jan 18, 2016.

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    I thought I'd post this for a chuckle or two (even if I'm the only one). I took my CCW class this past Saturday. There were a lot of varieties of firearms used. I was the only one with a Hi-Point. Of the firearms used...I saw a Glock malfunction twice and a 1911 style slide that didn't go back into battery after firing. It had to be manually put back in place after every shot. He finally changed to another firearm to finish. My Hi-Point...had two stovepipes (because I wasn't holding my wrist like I should have been).

    I thought it was interesting after all I've read that the only 'malfunction' for my 'cheap' firearm was because of technique not because of the gun itself.
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    Of course, all the other folks at your class will remember is, Hey, that Hi Point at my class had two failures, what a POS!;)

    But it's OK, we know the real deal.:)

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    Murphy's Law says that's the last stovepipe you'll ever see. Always happens in front of crowds :eek: