My Early Christmas present

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ItBeMe, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Just got this very hard to fine .17HMR Taurus Tracker. I love this gun and it is very accurate. :)

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    Hope you can find the ammo to enjoy it.

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    You lucky &*€%=! $#/%_^; £_//'!÷__€&^_%#$÷/^_/#÷%^€_/#=/^&_/#!/&^#/&_%==_&^/=÷!
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    Just read a cool article from the Taurus product book/magazine thing about prairie dog hunting with that very gun. Good stuff :D
  6. That is very cool. I have seen they are making a DA convertible that can shoot 22mag and swap cylinders for 22lr.
    I have never seen a DA that can swap cylinders they are doing some really cool stuff over there.
    How is the quality on that 17Hmr. I think this is the first handgun I have seen in that chamber