My Evil Black Rifle

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Chef Dennis, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Chef Dennis

    Chef Dennis Guest

    Here are a few pics of my robinson xcr:




    And in it Custom Case:



    And my daily carry toy:



    The ATI'd 995. I'll post in the other gallery! :p
  2. Looks good. I love the guitar case

  3. jason865

    jason865 Guest

    Nice looking rifle there. I like the case idea as well. Gotta watch, black rifle disease spreads quickly :twisted:
  4. I like the guitar case idea. I have a guitar case thats coffin shaped my bc rich warlock is in it now but I think I might have to find my guitar a new home.
  5. see. i visited this forum. everybody had a hi-point pistol. i got a hi-point pistol. then everybody had a mosin. i got a mosin. NHow everybody's got xd'.s Now i gotta start looking for one o' those. Just hope no one posts their personal Sherman Tank on here. I don't have that much room in my garage. :D

    Nice gun, man!
  6. That's a nice rifle there! But you gotta check out my new Sherman Tank!


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  7. Love the case!!!!!!

    Great looking weapons!
  8. Thayldt21

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    The case is the icing on the cake.

    Me likes..
  9. LMAO
  10. Wouldn't have been as funny if Primal hadn't fixed my picture so it showed! I still haven't figured out WHY it didn't show in the first place! :p
  11. I take flak for being a post whore, and now I take flak for fixin' a pic.... Jesus, can I get a break?! :shock: :oops: :cry:

  12. I think he was THANKING YOU!!

    Maybe if you spend less time typing and more time READING you'd have picked this up!!! :lol: :lol:

    [ yes, I know you were JK, me too! ]
  13. Maverick

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    Looks like you did the Crayon thing to your XD. The XD photos are a little blurry, but it looks as if you did a good job. Did you do the logo on top of the slide as well, and hows it holding up? I have read where some people where having problems with it melting out. Especially if they went shooing during the summer, and the slide got a little warm.

    Love the XCR too! :wink:
  14. mjd932

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    What kind of IWB holster is that? I have a Crossbreed that I love.
  15. Chef Dennis

    Chef Dennis Guest

    Yeap it is white crayon and while I haven't had it melt out, it does wear off when I carry in a "Soft" holster. And yea i did the top and both sides.

    The IWB that is in the pic was custom made by a guy on the Ohioians for Concealed Carry. He makes them for most popular guns, and he is not bad on price and will do whatever you want. I had him make mine to be wore on my right hip, at 4-4:30, grip FORWARD. The back is fleece covered and the cant is completely adjustable.

    He can be reached on the OFCC board ( )under the name Pete10. If you are interested and don't want to register over there on their board, PM me and I 'll dig up his phone # for you. He is a great guy to deal with and isn't expensive at all for a custo holster.

    The Fender Guitar Case was done so I can carry in my truck and draw attention and scream " GUN". I have carried that thing down the street and talked with LEO's while carrying it, not 1 of them or anyone else has even asked anything about it! And it is ...... well lets just say that it is operationa at ALL times! :p
  16. Z28Driver

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    Very, very smart idea with the Fender case. One question, how did you get the foam rubber cutout to fit your equipment so well? It looks like it was factory made for your Robinson. If there is a trick, please let me know, as I would think about doing the same thing for one of my guns. Thanks!!
  17. MalcolmStone

    MalcolmStone Member

    And where did you get the foam? I've been wanting to turn this aluminum laptop case that I got from my father-in-law into a gun case and can't seem to find the foam anywhere (it'd probably help if I looked a little harder, though).

  18. I love the look and feel of the XCR, I was tempted, but decided against one, price wise it was out of line for being redundant with what AKs and ARs I have.

    And then I am really trying to find a way to stave off the desire for a Masada as well.

    Still I envy those who have an XCR. :D
  19. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Those are very nice! How much did you give? And there is no spring noise in that is there?