My Family

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  1. Postal4U

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    This is my current family. Only one not present is the HP 4545, but one day, yes one day. :D

    HP 995, JHP 45, C9
    Yugo SKS 59/66(a1)
    Taurus 914c
    Rem pump(got it so long ago, not sure which model and is covered with the camo tape), Rugar 10/22, and the Mutant( which looks to be in some TLC need, is the boat gun)
  2. shelbyzman

    shelbyzman Member

    Nice collection! That taurus looks slick :D

  3. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    Not bad, not bad!
  4. Looks like a nice lineup.
  5. Very nice indeed!
  6. Great looking SKS dude, nice porn!
  7. Nice stuff. The Mutant looks like a NEF, H&R, or Marlin variant. While sturdy they always seems to rust if they are anything but soaked in oil. I'm planning on Dura Coating my sons Versa Pak this summer.
  8. Indeed, nice porn, I like your Taurus.