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    AAC 300 Blackout Handi Rifle. Just a few changes to suit me. Changed out the butt stock for a Choate full size Monte Carlo and added a KAK flash can. For optics I chose is the Simmons Master Series 1.5 x 5 Pro-Diamond.*

    This rifle has never had a factory round fired through it. All hand loads, cases formed from 223/5.56. Various bullets starting with the Lee C309-113-RF "soup can", 125 grain Nosler Ballistic tip, Hornady 150 gr Spire Point, Lee C312-155-2R (sized to .309) Hornady 208 gr A-Max (the most accurate to date, 3/4 moa!), and the Lee TL309-230-5R. Powders have been Winchester 296, H4198, and Alliant Unique.*

    I have pretty much settled on the 113 grain for small game and general plinking, the 125 grain Nosler *for deer, and the 230 grain Lee for hogs. All three of these will give me 1/2 inch or less *groups at 50 yards if I do my part!

    The Lee TL309-230-5R pushed by Unique powder at right at 1000 fps is very quiet and will give consistent broadside pass through on hogs. While it's my favorite round for this rifle, the most used is the Lee 113 great "soup can" if for no other reason than economics.

    My intent when I bought this rifle was the 357/20 GA combo. Was going to chop the barrel to 17 inches and ream it to 357 maximum. When I went to pick it up, the AAC Handi was in the rack. I chose it because the barrel was already bobbed and I liked the phosphate finish. Plus I already had a couple of 20 gauge.*

    I figured to have a rim cut and change the extractor to accommodate a 357 sized rim, basically make it a Bellm 300 Whisp-R, *which I had experience with in a TC Contender. Basically anneal some 357 Maximum brass, trim to 1.4 and run through a 300 Blackout die. HTML class. Value is http://www.bellmtcs. However this is the most accurate Hands rifle I have ever had. I am afraid to have anything done to it in fear that I may mess it up!

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