My first Amateur Custom

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    I'm Just so excited now that, I've finished my Maverick 88, so far I think. I'm not much for metal working or anything of the
    sort, so elected for simple bolt on-type of "bells n whistles." My wife actually bought this for me as our first Christmas exchange. She got shoes
    of course...fair trade I think. It was your standard Mossy 500 copy with a 28 inch ribbed barrel...Not quite great for cutting the pie in my hallway
    if necessary. So I bumped it down and just couldn't stop there.

    Thus far:


    - ATI Top folding stock
    - Shot Shell holder for folding stock
    - Shot Shell holder for side frame***





    - 18.5 inch barrel
    - Muzzle Suppressor (Supposedly), with accessory rail
    - Under barrel laser w/ Pressure switch
    - ATI Forend pistol grip
    - ATI UTG Flashlight and mount with rear push button
    - Mossy 500 mag tube
    - Tac sling/shot shell holder
    - Metal color heatshield with ghost ring sights



    Side Shell Holder*** I made sure left and right that this indeed fir the mav 88, of which I've gotten gotten conflicting statements. Long story semi-short:

    - Bought the side saddle and got it on...perfect! Took it off for later on.
    - Got the top fold stock and attached another shell holder....perfect!
    - Kept the folder on the mav 88, attached the shell...Ah Crap! The folding stock wouldn't completely fold closed with the side shell in place
    (about 30 degrees!)

    Removed the side shell holder and jigsawed it to match the curve of the folding stock then re-attached...Presto!!! Now I have 11 shells on the weapon
    plus 15 more on the sling for a total of 26 00 buck...just in case I miss :lol:

    Now, maybe time to sell and move on to the next project, man I'm loving this stuff!
  2. Congrats on finishing it. However, the pix aren't showing -- I think that you selected the "HTTP Code" option instead of the "IMG Code" choice. Looking forward to seeing the result!

  3. kunlao21

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    OMG.... not again! Gimme a just few! OK It should be good to go now <<praying>> :D
  4. It is -- thanks!

    And the result is BEAUTIFUL! In fact, it's so awesome that I think I'll break down your front door tonight, waltz in, and steal it!

    NOT! :shock: (I pity the fool...) Shells on the side, shells on top, shells in the bandolier... you have a backpack, too, right?
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    Ahhh a backpack with more shells , oohh and a side saddle sith ninja stars! Ahh "ballistic art" at it's least in my little world =)
  6. If you're telling me that MY Maverick 88 could look like that....... I am speechless....

    Dude, part list with prices in my PM PLEASE!!!!

    Tacti-Cool eat your friggin' heart out!!!!
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    kunlao21, I to wanted to get the top folder but heard threw reliable source it was a long pull. thus I went with the adjustable stock.

    So I ask how do you like it and is it usable to the wife, or other small type people???

    Also Please do tell::: How do you like the ghost ring sights?? Feel free to add detail. LOL I am seriously considering adding them.

    Looks good
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    First off...Ridge, I about crapped my pants....ROFL, Seriously, thanks! :D

    I'm guessing "long pull" referred to the grip of either the foregrip when charging or trigger handle? In either case, I, personally felt no real difference from when it was just stock. When I first put it on then unfolded, I thought it appeared a lot longer than the "stock" stock, there is actually about a 1-1.5 extra length, but depending on shooter size, for me(oriental and 5 ft nothing..or so :wink: ) it didn't make a difference. I also think the visual of my thin shoulder stock compared to a more traditional stock gives it way much of a longer appearance than it truly is.

    As for the wife, my shotgun is really effective on her, it usually takes one center-mass shot and she's down. She'll struggle a bit to her feet but normally, she's out after a moment. She takes clayshot pretty well, but 00 Buck has had the most effect thus far. I'll hit her with some slugs and get back to you.... :D :lol: :wink: ...totally kidding!!!

    Even the lil Lao wife(truly 5 ft nothing!), after the shorter & lighter barrel that is, thought it felt nice. Keep in mind though, she didn't shoot, just held and charged it a few times. Before, with the 28 inch monster barrel, she didn't have the strength to maintain a sight with her left arm going dead bc of the weight. She's more perceptive now to try shooting a 12 gauge now that it's a lot lighter than before. All in all though, she felt more comfortable with this than priviously.
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    Yes! Yes!! Feed the ego!!! :D Glad you like it. I think I remember you mentioning at some point your wanting to do something with your mav. This took around a 5 I had to time the accessories every payperiod! :D

    - 175 Wife bought the mav 88 "Field" version w/ 28 inch barrel a couple xmas' ago
    - 75 I ordered a factory "security" barrel at 18.5 inches
    ***Could've saved $75 if she took me shopping with her, I'da just chosen the security version of the Mav 88, oh well, she tried! :?

    - 99 ATI Top Fold Stock WITH Ghost ring Heatshield AND Foregrip
    - 24 Tac Star 6-Shell saddle (Measure, jigsaw, then file/sand...awesomely easy!)
    - 15 Tac Star 5-top shell holder (Specifically fits ATI stocks)
    - 12 Mossy 500 mag tube (allows use of forend accessories, i.e. foregrip)
    - 12 Under grip flashlight mount...I had the flashlight already
    - 14 Weaver mount laser w/ preassure switch
    - 11 Muzzle break
    - 13 bandolier

    Accessories Total: about $190 w/ the Security model, about $250 w/ the field model, on account of having to buy the shorter barrel. The payoff is PRICELESS though.
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    have you shot that yet, i hear those GRS move around under the recoil. is that a 12 or 20 ga. im interested in one of them GRS heat shields.
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    I actually did the same with this 12 ga with all the add-ons. In that, I'd go to the range and fire 2-3 times. Then check and re-check for any piece loosened or mis-alligned. The only piece I was truly worried about was the utg laser and muzzle, as I've heard mixed reactions about anything directly on or under a 12 ga muzzle. The laser came factory with plastic mounts, which I chose to disgard for stronger steel mounts...good choice in the end, as the plastics flew off after 6 or so shots(came originally from my 995) . I took a spare universal weaver mount from my range bag and threw it on. Not a problem the rest of the day.

    Regarding the GRS, not sure if you've held one or not, but it's rather strong yet bendible and conforms to your type of barrel....not that there are that many different types of plain barrels out there. The middle has the 2 lips which curve under the sides of the barrel along with the 2 screws which attach under the front near the muzzle end.

    I actually slid it on then squeezed the front lips together, and used hex screws a bit shorter than factory to make it nice and tight. With the initial excepetion of the laser, the rest of the add-ons held up well during the range hour test. No loose screws issues.

    Happily Surprised!
  12. Thats different
  13. Let us know how it shoots!!!!!!!! Range review!!!!
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    all that weight should help tame that beast a little... (looks at bruised hand)
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    It took her out Sunday afternoon for some more fun time. Nothing particularly interesting to note aside from the previously mentioned, except to say again that all of the "doohickies" all held tight during and after around 80'ish slugs and buckshot.

    The laser wasn't exactly on the money after about 10 yds, but then again, this was a cheepo depot kinda buy. I'm sure if I truly went for a more "go" than "show" investment into that part, it would've been more accurate farther down. Then again, IMO and training, that's be used more for kwik target acquisition anyway.

    The ghost rings were center massed'ish at 50 yards. Of course, I thought I was crazy and that they were way off after about 6 shots. I first peppered the silhoette with the scheduled monthly taps of my 32 special(with which I am currently horrible for some reason) before sending it downrange 50 yards for the slug test.

    I could barely see that far without my reg glasses, let alone shooting glasses. It came back after 6 slugs with nothing on it. I was PO'ed until I realized I had switched the slugs for the buck and all these holes I thought were from the 32 were from the buck. :?

    I threw in the slugs and angrily shot a nice smile near center mass. Amateur mistakes deserve amateur stares...Which I def got after the lanes left and right noticed. But it paid off after they inquired about the custom and took up my offer to throw a few down range.

    All in all, not bad at all I think. Every part was hanging on tight. Heck of a lot of cleaning but all was intact.

    Range report?

    Maverick Accuracy: A+
    Maverick Durability: A+
    .32 Special: Ummm....requires further testing
    Shooter: B- points for realizing a mistake too late!
    My upper right pectorial: B & in "Black and Blue!!!"
  16. Nice. I've been tempted by those ATI ghost ring heatshields myself, but I have a Mossberg 500A, the only Mossberg 5xx they don't fit on.

    How's that top folding stock for wobble? Benny just (very kindly) let me return one of the ATI side folders for my Mossy due to wobble and I've got the M4 style one en route instead. I had considered the top folder but I'd heard it's a bit slack, so an opinion from someone actually using one would be nice.


    Did you marry Summer Glau? ;)
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    Point taken... I'm def taking into account that like all add-ons to any custom car, motorcycle, firearm etc.. durability over time should be a major factor as well. I'll have to see how she's doing on her birthday next December...luckily, folks like Benny have good prices and service, so a replacement wouldn't be terribly expensive. Although it wouldn't be too cool if it did fail down the road....There's always shooting from the hip! :)

    At this very moment after around 150 mixed shells, she's doing just fine, all parts and wobbles checked and accounted for.."0". Bit I can def see the potential risk in having a folding anything on the back of a 12 gauge :D

    You know her!?! :wink: