My first Bubba Job

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  1. Krippp

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    Loved the look of tapco's fusion stock set and mags for the SKS and found it at the Gunshow today and this is the end result


    I know some think it's a disgrace to change a Milsurp but I've got another just like it with exceptional furniture and this one was a great shooter with a chrome lined barrel but a ratty stock so i figured what the heck
  2. griff30

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    Nice furniture! Nice to have a good looking model also.
    I have been looking at the Tapco T6 for a bit and thinking of doing the same. I could care less what purist think of sporterizing and customizing milsurp rifles.
    The way I look at it is: 1. It's mine. 2. There are many, many more, if you want original, buy it yourself. 3. If these stocks were available at the time the SKS was in use in war, the soldiers using them would have wanted this stock too!

  3. She's smoking! I mean the gun..well the model too obviously. Very nice!
  4. That is nice! When I get an SKS I want that stock in black. Good job :!: :mrgreen:
  5. Personaly I dont mind changes that can be changed back. But the drilling and cutting, that makes me cringe LOL
  6. Does this modification make it front end heavy like the Tapco folding stock for the SKS ?
  7. Very nice!! That is exactly what I want to do to my Chinese SKS. I have the original wood and two synthetic stocks, one is a Ram-Line non-folding and the other is (I believe) an ATI folding stock. The Ram-Line doesn't have a blade or spike bayonet grove in the stock. The folding stock has the spike bayonet grove in it.

    When I order my Tapco I want it without the bayonet cuts, I want it solid. Don't plan to put a bayonet on mine.

    Again very nice rifle!
  8. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    it does make it feel a little heavier to me but I have plans on taking off the grenade launcher muzzle brake and adding a shorter one and maybe, just maybe exchanging the bayonet for a bipod mounted to the bayo lug, but the williams firesights and a red dot are first
  9. let the purest do what they want to, to their guns, I own my guns and what I do to them is my buisness. I like the look of that setup too.
  10. Krippp,
    Thanks for the reply.
  11. That is one great lloking rifle. If I had an sks, i would probably go that route too.

  12. is there a rifle in those pictures ,hahahha someone point it out to me if so, hahahaha , personally i like the rifle , looks really cool ,
  13. Fine, fine fine! Now...the title said something about a Bubba Job and, let me be clear, I see absolutely nothing in that picture to suggest anything has been Bubba's. I would like to see some pics of the gun though! :lol:

    Seriously, it looks great. I'm not a big fan of messing with nice milsurp stuff but realize I too have plans to mess with some. This example here sure turned out great!
  14. DRoCk

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    I personally don't call that a Bubba...looks like a nice gun to me. I've been thinking about that stock for my SKS for a while too. Looks great!
  15. syst3merror

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    man I want one of those!!!!!

    wow, did anyone notice there was a gun in the picture? that's pretty neat.
  16. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    gentlemen you have my wife blushing uncontrollably, but seriously, thanks for all the comments, it's nice to have others that share the same views on things that look good.
  17. deaconwagers

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    nice. i've always liked the tapco stocks.
  18. I was at the gunshow today and picked up the stock in green for my Yugo. It was easy to install and I was able to put a few cleaning items in the pistol grip . Thanks for your post Krippp.
  19. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    glad to hear it spot, what gunshow were you at, was it the one in columbia, sc cause we were there and i bet i know the booth you got it at cause i picked up a recoil pad for the butt of the t6 stock there. I actually just took my SKS into the gunsmith yesterday to have all the grenade launcher parts removed and a new flash hider installed and when I pick it up tuesday i'll be adding the reciever cover with scope mount plus a scope and the folding bipod that mounts to the bayonet lug. also i highly suggest the little rubber recoil buffer that goes in the reciever cover. best 10 bucks i ever spent
  20. Big jim I agree with you, but how would you feel if you saw a pristine flintlock musket used in the revolutionary war that someone had taken a hack saw to so it would be shorter and lighter?

    Its their gun, but what a waste! That is how us "purists" feel ;)

    Someone has to preserve things for future generations or they will never know that they existed.

    I "own" a collection of 2000 year old Roman and Greek coins. Actually I am not the owner, I am the keeper of these paticular coins for my generation.

    Hopefully someone in the next generation will pick up when I am gone and keep them intact for future generations to appreciate instead of melting them down for their copper, silver and gold content.

    You cant trust this job to museums, to go back to the ancients for an example again, not many museums that may have existed two thousand years ago exist today to share their treasures.

    Its all the little guys with their 10 spear or 100 coin collections that are now the ony representatives of many different items society used and left behind.

    That is how I feel. :)

    Sorry to get on the soapbox, but I hope you maybe understand other side of the fence a little better.