My First Experience with a Hi-Point C9

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  1. Let me begin by saying I am an avid outdoorsman, well-versed in long guns for hunting and target shooting. I am also an engineer that enjoys taking things apart and performing my own maintenance. I have owned a Sig Sauer P250C in .40S&W for several years, but rarely take it out to shoot because of ammo prices. I wanted to add to my gun collection a more economical pistol to shoot so I began looking for a 9mm. Of course, when you search handguns online by price Lo to High the first guns that start popping up are Hi-Points. This is where the story really begins....

    The Hi-Point brand caught my eye for several reasons: American engineered and manufactured, lifetime warranty, simple operation, and less than $200 retail. Reviews online were either guys saying how much they loved theirs or guys dunking throw-away guns in muddy water and throwing them at the targets after emptying the mags (entertaining, nonetheless!).

    After hours of internet research, I went to my local big box store (lets call it "Male Duck Large Hill") to finally hold a Hi-Point in my hands. The guy behind the gun counter was less than impressed when I asked to see the C9. As I worked the gun and looked it over he was quite vocal in how "cheap" Hi-Points were and you get what you pay for. Long of the short, I thought, 'for the price, what the heck, why not'. So, I purchased the gun, an extra Pro Mag magazine and 2 boxes of WWB in 115gr FMJ.

    I took it home, and contrary to what most new Hi-Point owners do not seem to do: I tore it down and cleaned it. I am glad I did because there was residue throughout. Reassembly did not go 100% smooth. I had to reference the forums when the trigger would not pull to realize I had installed the magazine lockout upside down. I did have to make a shim to hold the slide back just a touch farther to drive out the dowel pin (That shim is now in my gun cleaning kit.) All-in-all, disassembly was not a deal breaker.

    Also, it should be noted that I filled both magazines with bullets and let them sit to break in the spring. I worked bullets in and out several times, observing them as the fed from the mags and tweaked the mag lips outward with needle nose pliers ever so slightly for a better nose-up feed. I noticed that giving the full mag a slap against the palm of my hand to justify the rounds the rear of the mag improved feed and made it a point to always do this before shooting.

    Now to the range report. I took the clean C9, mags and bullets to the range yesterday. The target was set at approximately 10 yrds, gun loaded, and I started shooting. There was not a single mis-feed. I blame the single misfire on a bad round. The indent on the primer looked identical to all the other rounds that went "BANG". The short trigger pull was really nice and the recoil was barely noticeable. I had enough daylight after work to burn up only one box of 50, but it was enough to convince me that my purchase was a good one. Accuracy seemed to be iffy, but I am going to blame it on me shooting a new gun. With practice and some sight adjustments, I am confident I will get this gun dialed in.

    After the range, I took my C9 home, swabbed the barrel and chamber (very clean still), put a few drops of oil on the moving parts and gave it an overall wipe-down with a dry cloth.

    Another topic I would like to cover is the function of this gun in the hands of a left-handed shooter. The safety and magazine release on the C9 are both easily worked by my trigger finger. The lack of slide release is a blessing in disguise; I simply taught myself not to need it. The side eject kept spent casings out of my line of sight.

    So, now I am left with a critical decision: when I take my CPL class next month, do I take the "cheap" Hi-Point that is sure to draw snickers from the peanut gallery, but I enjoyed shooting or the Sig that cost 3x, but runs more expensive ammo?

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    Good review. Glad it worked well for you. You seem to have done what most wont: research.

    As for the gun counter guy, I'm not surprised. The Big Box sporting goods counter guys always seem to think they know more than they actually do and are unfailingly eager to prove this to you. The LGS's are usually a little better but they still have their share of doofuses and snobs behind the counter.

    Now, for what to take to your CPL class... take both. Take your C9 back to the range several times and make sure it shoots reliably and straight for you. Then take it to your class and take the Sig as a backup. There have actually been some instructors who will blackball Hi Points and refuse to even let them be shot in their firearms classes. Plus, it's a good idea to take a backup anyway.

    Welcome aboard Calvin. :)

    Peace favor your sword,

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    It's recommended not to hand cycle live rounds in the Hi Point, there have been instances of accidental discharge while doing so. I may be misinterpreting what you said and if so I apologize, just wanted to be sure you weren't doing anything that might get you or someone else injured.
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    Uhh, I don't see anywhere he talks about hand cycling rounds? Just working the rounds in and out of the mags.
  5. To quote someone famous, "I might be dumb, but I ain't stupid". I was flicking the rounds out of the mag into a box using my thumb and making observations.
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    Welcome home Calvin
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    No that's moles gun bunny
  9. Good for you and good review. Take the gun you like to shoot to class and let it do the talking.
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    The problem with gun stores is that they work on a percentage. If you make (I'm just spit balling) 10% profit from each sale, you're gonna a make 15.00 bucks in comparison to a 600.00 pistol (60.00). So, obviously the push is to more expensive weapons.
    The HP has it's downs, most pistols have "something" negative about them in comparison to the next brand or model.
    At the end of the day, the HP works and is dependable.
  11. Many range courses make you cease fire, eject the mag and hand eject a round to simulate a FTF or FTE. I personally have never had a problem with a Hi Point firing while doing this, but I do know when I lived in NY some ranges had a "banned list" and Hi Point was on it. Most the time those ranges had a gun store, gun snobs running the operation or feeble minded members that thought........OMG, he has a Hi Point, we are all going to die"!!! :(
  12. Well there is some danger doing that with a hi-point that is generally not there with more expensive guns.
    Hi-point uses the firing pin to eject the rounds.
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    All 'Gunners' are pretty much the same big box store or LGS...some law enforcement flunky or military wannabe that thinks because he is standing on his side of the counter with the keys to the case that somehow this transforms him into some gun guru sent down from that great range in the sky to educate all of us common shooters on how it's supposed to be. Bottom line...there is no special qualification to do that job other than not having such a spotty background that you can't get a weapons permit...other than that there's no difference b/w most of them and the guy flipping burgers at McDonalds. It's a commission job...that's it nothing more nothing less. We should all do ourselves a our research and knowledge then be confident when we belly up to the counter and ask him to see that HP...when he balks...politely ask him to put up his commission in a 1:1 on the he'll think twice about taking that action!

    That's my rant for the evening...hope you all enjoy!

    P.S. I've purchased three (3) HP'S on three (3) separate occasions in the last 15 days all from the same LGS with different 'gunners' and received that same response from all of them after they made me stand there and wait forever once they saw me eye balling the HP'S!
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    As far as everything else goes here has been my experience so far...loaded up all Mag's a couple of days in my truck...drove to the range...stepped into my lane...slapped in a mag...racked it...and proceeded to tear holes in some paper wherever I pointed it and whenever I pulled it! Blew through 500 rounds and had exactly 5 FTF'S combined with all three firearms after exactly ZERO mods whatsoever.

    It's the damndest thing...when I do what I'm supposed to then it does what it's supposed to...if the rest of life were only as easy as droppin' brass with my HP's!
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    No, my neighbor/gun bunny literally looks like the Grim Reaper. SCARY!!! :eek:

    A-Hoes :mad:

    I always like to go in and bug them, try to get them to badmouth HPs
    and then I tell them how I've had nearly nothing but good luck with
    all my HPs :D My LGS #2 is where they sell lots, so they know.
    I'm impressed that LGS #1 started carrying NEW HPs after I told them
    I had several, and that they performed really well. They DO Listen! :eek: