My first handgun, a used C9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by kedrake, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Bought a used C9 at a local gun show Saturday, went straight to range and put almost 50 rounds through it (had 1 FTF).

    10 Round Magazine, 5 Yards, Standing

    Got home and managed to disassemble it and clean and lube it. Very happy.
  2. Hipointer

    Hipointer Member

    Can't beat that! Bet the price was right too.:cool:

  3. pearlygates

    pearlygates Bible wielding Patriot! Member

    Hoping to find one at the gun show today.. With so much good press about these pistols, ima go for it! Nice!
  4. PriligySir

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    nothing else

    Sorry, what?
  5. bluebone

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    1st post? really?
  6. I didn't get that one either
  7. JandN

    JandN 01 FFL Member

    He's from China and he probably didn't get it either;)
  8. jbopos1

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    good choice buyin the C9.. i have one.. i love it! i have to buy one for my gf now.. cus she wants on haha and i kinda wana get a 3rd 1 just for me to have 2 myself customised differently.. its a great gun! ull enjoy!
  9. Kevin

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    Wish you could get my wife into it! I know and I've told her, once you fire a few rounds, you'll be hooked and then I'll be having to buy you one of your own! Of course, she won't hear of it! :(
  10. pearlygates

    pearlygates Bible wielding Patriot! Member

    I pick my C9 up tomorrow morning!
  11. chris_

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    I just picked up my first C9 yesterday, Hoping the weather is good tomorrow because i really want to shoot it ..
  12. pearlygates

    pearlygates Bible wielding Patriot! Member

    Welcome to one of the best forums on the net.. you are going to love the C9!
  13. Pearlygates, how's your C9 working out for you? JandN suggested that I work the slide and magazine a lot before taking it out to the range, (which I did) and mine worked great!
  14. pearlygates

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    Hey adam! Maude is the kats @$$!!! I am having issues with the 10 round magazine not always feeding properly, so I have sidelined that. I called Hi Point and ordered a second 8 rounder. Should have it this week.

    All around, great gun! VERY happy.!!!:D