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    I bought a used but like new Hi-Point C9 a few years ago as my first handgun. I found a good sale last week for a S & W SD9VE ($289.99) and bought it because I wanted a lighter (22 oz) and better looking pistol. I was showing it to my next door neighbor yesterday and he said his 38 Special revolver was larger and heavier than he wanted to carry. He also wanted a safety. I showed him my C9 and he liked it after he shot a magazine through it. When he offered to buy it from me, I told him I never sell a gun but I would trade with him. I figured I would not shoot it much if any since I had a new direct replacement. I traded with him and found I had traded for a Taurus Model 80 that was imported before Taurus imported them. It is a very clean gun with no wear I could see other than a little bluing at the very end of the barrel. It shoots great and looks like a S & W Model 10 (which it is a copy of). I included a holster and an extra 10 round magazine and he included a leather holster.

    He got a gun he wanted and I got a different gun to go along with my others I have accumulated. You can't go very wrong trading a cheap gun for a cheap gun since both brands are frequently disparaged by gun snobs.
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    Sounds like a good trade for both parties! And although I haven't lived by it, I like your philosophy: "I never sell a gun". The beginning of a collection (& maybe an obsession).

    I have mostly semi-autos, but I have an older S&W model 10-5 revolver. It had plenty of exterior wear & some minor rust so I cleaned it off and painted it (epoxy paint from Brownells) -- not pretty but it's a sweet shooter.

    Shooting a revolver is a more relaxing experience than a semi-auto. Slower pace, more concentration, don't have to chase empty brass, more deliberate reloading...

    Have fun with your "new" wheel gun!

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    I find shooting a revolver more relaxing and cheaper. It takes me much longer to shoot as much ammunition in my single action six shooter than with a semi-automatic. You can empty a couple of magazines in seconds with a semi-automatic but it takes a long time removing the empty shells one at a time. The double action Taurus is faster because you can pop all of the empty cases out in one movement but you still have to reload individually.

    My old Taurus is a copy or your old S & W so you exactly what I have. It seems really strange to have a Taurus that is a copy of a S & W and to have a S & W that is a copy of a Glock.
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    Hey guys,

    On a similar note, I am thinking of bidding $92.00 for a beat up C9Comp. It looks really beat up but for $92.00, providing I win the auction, it seems I could just send it to
    MOM for a complete overhaul. Counting Shipping to me ($25.00) and my FFL fee ($10.00; he's a friend) and whatever costs come back from MOM, this could be a good deal. I've been looking off and on to buy a C9 for a while. So what do you all think?
    The auction closes at 10PM tonight, 6 Feb. I'll try to attach the pic. I think I attached an uploaded pic...not sure.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Followup: I see the uploaded pic worked. Nice.
    Thanlks again for any reply.
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    By the let me ask you why the post has a time stamp of 8:11 PM.
    I'm in AZ and the current time is 1:12PM. What's that all about??
  7. I say go for it, I am looking to buy a C9 or a CF380 comp. model in the near future and that seems like the best deal I have seen in quite some time. No worries about sending it back, it is covered under warranty and will come back like new.
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    Check your settings (control panel) and set your time zone.

    btw, your post that I quoted has a time stamp of 1:13pm.
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    Thanks Hermitt
    I always wondered why the time was always off
    Changed my time zone and now it shows correctly when I post
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    I think I would do some looking around. After I did my research, I went to the gun shop to buy a new one ($179?) and he had a like new one with the box that someone had traded in for $125. I couldn't tell it from new so I bought it. I'm sure it happens pretty often after a new owner gets his Hi-Point home and gets ribbed by his gun snob friends. If you buy the gun, you will have more in it than you could ever sell it for.

    I miss my C9 and wish I could have kept it but my 66 year neighbor needed it and need outweighs wishes. He said the 38 Special revolver was to big and heavy to conceal carry. We old folks on a fixed income need to stick together.
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    NE Utah
    Two points...he's talking about a COMP, which are not made anymore, so you cannot find a new one for any price. CAN get $200 out of a COMP if you have a motivated buyer, they just aren't that easy to find.
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    That would be "None" costs.