My First Hi Point and LubeGard's Gun Oil

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  1. Hey all,

    Earlier today I picked up my first Hi Point - a 995 classic carbine. I purchased it from George's Hook and Gun for $160.

    I wanted to take a second to show her off, but also recommend a great product in Lube Gard's gun oil. It was given to me by an individual who swears by the stuff. He said he cleaned and lubed three 1911s, one with lube gard, the other two with other gun oils, put them in a freezer for a week, and then took them out and immediately shot them. He said the lube gard gun shot flawlessly, the other two failed to fire at all. Although I can't personally verify this story, it comes from a trusted source very close to me.

    As you can see, the 995 I picked up was very heavily patinated. I had the Goo Gone and a couple other heavy cleaners standing by, but I decided to just go at it with the Lube Gard. I was impressed with the results. A little bit of oil and a little bit of elbow grease went a long way. I'd recommend the product to everyone to try at least once. Check out for more info.

    So without further adieu, here she is is her new home. Besides the ATI, she's all stock. I plan on adding a full length top rail, flip up sights, a red dot, a couple redball mags, refinishing the receiver cover, a one off custom barrel shroud and charging handle, refinishing the receiver cover, and a joey trigger should be here any day. I was expecting the worse when fitting the ATI stock, but it went pretty smooth, requiring only some minor trimming.

    I should be heading to the range tomorrow so I will follow up with my thoughts then.

    Here she is..





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    Don't discard the original Classic stock.
    Sounds like you want yours similar mine? I have a set of flip up sites I can put on.

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  3. Yeah I'm going to hang onto the classic stock should I have any issues and need to send her in.

    And yes alot like yours.. looks good. No bottom rail or foregrip though. I shoot a lot more comfortably without one, although I may try one of the 45° grips eventually.

    Heading to the range now.
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  5. Thank you sir! And thank you for the stock!

    Range test went good. I shot 50 rounds of Winchester White Box and 50 rounds of Federal Aluminum cased. I had one failure to feed in my second complete mag of WWB, but the issue did not reoccurr. It shot slightly low and to the right, but it was quickly adjusted with the rear sight. I couldn't believe all the compliments it got at the range.

    Overall I'm very happy with it. It's no AR, but for the money i have into it and for what I need, I'm very happy. Honestly I was a little bit apprehensive about buying a Hi Point, but I am glad I did.
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    Now that you have an ATI stock, you can let your imagination take over?

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  7. ***Cleans up drool***
  8. Got her back from mom and I cannot believe everything they replaced on her. She's like new! I am very happy with mom's customer service and see why most others are too.

    Got a few new parts for her. Picked up a BSA red dot, a blank 12 inch rail, and ADE flip up sights. I was initially going to use the full rail, but I think I am going to cut it short and machine the factory mounting hole pattern and just resell the sights.

    Overall happy with initial quality for the price. More pics coming when I get it machined and mounted.

  9. Where did you find the ATI stock?

    I thought they were not making those stocks anymore?
  10. They're not. But you can find them on Ebay from time to time and there may be a few people on here who would part with theirs for the right price. They certainly don't come cheap any more though.
  11. Nope, aluminum. I picked it up on Amazon for around $10.

    Should get her machined today.

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    Picatinny or Weaver? Gotza link? :confused:
  13. Got the rail cut, machined, and mounted using stainless bolts, washers, and nuts. Mounted the red dot and rear flip up. I think I'm going to use the other half of the rail and mount it on the front, sort of a split top rail if you will so I can mount the front flip up sight. I'm going to machine a spacer out of aluminum that will go between the front rail and and stock to bring it up to the same height as the rear rail. Ignore the finish on the rail, I threw it in the tumbler in an attempt to remove some of the anodizing. I'll send it out to be reanodized the next time we send stuff out.




    Here's the "split top rail" I plan to emulate, only with a custom spacer to bring the sights up to the same level.


    All in all very happy for $50 in accessories. Took a little work, but well worth it. Looking forward to getting to the range to test out the sights.
  14. Pic rail. Two holes drilled on each end, solid aluminum, flat bottom. Solid stuff, but easily machined or drilled. Here's the amazon link.