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My first HP

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ok so bad title as you must have already known its me 8) so now what am I getting can anyone guess I will give you a clue it cost me 155.17 with tax just have to pay the transfer fee but guess that doesn't count. It will be ordered Mondday and it will be here tuesday 8)
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I don't know what Pittsburgh prices are like, but based on Atlanta numbers, and just to be contrary, I'll guess the .45 ACP. But whatever it is, you'll like it.
Ok so hers what everyone wanted to know got the c9 :lol: here _he_ is can't wait to take _him_ out to the range 8)
Sorry: wrong gender: "he"? "him"?. We don't "take them out to the range": we, uh, "date" these vixens.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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