My first jam in my 4095TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by TeaSipper, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. TeaSipper

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    I was shooting the Win 40sw 165 100rnd pack and got a jam for the first time after hundreds of rounds shot. When I shook it out I can see why it jammed but I didn't think of keeping it and snap a pic to show y'all. The bullet was buried in the casing that only the tip was showing.

    When I load the mag I look at the cartridges for anything unusual and this one probably wasn't seated tight. I hate to think that if it went in the chamber like that it'd blow up.
  2. SWAGA

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    So the bullet was pushed into the shell casing ?

  3. forgotenpast

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    sounds like the casing was oversize or the boolit was undersized, while i am glad it did not chamber for you had it done so you probably would have been alright

    reloads or factory?
  4. TeaSipper

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    Yeah, the bullet was pushed in, probably up against the powder.

    It was the Win 40sw 165 100rnd value pack so it's new.
  5. SlappyMcNuttz

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    I had the same thing happen in my sks when the magazine was inserted incorrectly. Ran the tip of the bullet into the bottom edge of the chamber (this was with the stock magazine with fmj ammo which usually feeds dead center) 2 attempts at trying to rechamber it with no success i examined it, Pushed the bullet back into the casing exactly as you described. I just had to readjust the magazine and it was fine.

    Id imagine its a similar situation, something with the magazine.
  6. TeaSipper

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    It made me wonder if it's a mag issue so I took it apart and cleaned it. It was pretty dirty.
  7. RobbK

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    LOL yah know it is easy to forget the mags when the gun runs so good dirty.
  8. undeRGRound

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    Thx for Info!
    I have lots of that ammo
  9. TeaSipper

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    I've shot thousands of that Win 165 and this is the first mishap with it.
  10. Hot-Shot

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    I have bad luck with Winchester ammo it jammed my Henry lever action 22 and a friends bolt action Marlin
    jammed in my 22 Sig conversion too. Found some rounds with loose bullets in the case. At least I don't have many left