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  1. and I'm probably going to have a few. I'll ask them as I think of them. I have a very small budget and can't really afford the top of the line toys for my 4095ts. I just ordered an el cheapo red dot from amazon. After recieving it, I don't really have a lot of faith in it holding zero once I get it to the range and put some rounds through paper. With that in mind, I'm already considering what sight I'm going to try next. I'm looking at either a BSA scope style (if that's the right term) red dot sight, a tru glo in the same style, or a tru glo open red dot. Does anyone have an opinion on which one? I'm leaning toward the BSA simply because it's the one Hi Point puts on their carbines. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    What exactly did you order? Is it a reflex type, or a tube type?

    Unless it's total crap, the carbine won't hurt it.

    Don't go planning your next buy until you know for certain how this one works.:p

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    Gun Bunny/neighbor ordered the cheapest rds Amazon had
    (at the time) and it has held up very well, on a 22 pistol and
    even on a centerfire pistol, he uses it for bowling pin shoots.
    So try it out HEAVILY, I think it will be fine on the carbine!
    I have 2 of these myself, reflex style, and the reviews say
    some use them on 5.56 (ok) Shotgun :eek: and 30-06 :rofl:
    but all report success! Higher round counts, as well.

    Field Sport Red/Green dot reflex sight. Mine were under $20 :D
  4. It's a vokul open red dot. I like it. It seems to be well built. The only problem is that the locking screw for windage and elevation stripped out with very little pressure when I was checking everything over. Luckily, it was locked down when it stripped but you can still turn the adjustments. They are stiff when you turn them. I haven't given up on it yet. Still got to go to the range and check it. Just planning ahead just in case.
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    Wally-World has some decent reflex sights ,think I paid $30 for it.took like 6 rounds to zero in,still holding true after 100's of rounds
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    The only thing more expensive than doing something right the first time, is doing it right the second.


    odds are what you have will work well enough. And there's a lot in life that well enough is more than adequate. There's not a lot that can go wrong with these style of sites. I wouldn't put one a 300 winny and expect it to live a long life but on a a pistol caliber it won't see a lot of punishment.
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    I am going to stay away from BSA. Went through 2 of them already on my 995TS. The dot will not stay on on either of them.
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    For cheap tru glow is a better choice a little more money id say sightmark and a little more then that the vortex strike fire is awesome

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    I have a FireField lazer/scope combo. The damned adjusting screw on the lazer stripped just like the complaints on Amazon. It shoots 2" to the right of the crosshairs at 50yds. It was mounted, never used on a 4595 I bought.
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    I have never had a issues with a red dot. Great now all of them will break
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    poor m00! Want Mole to send you one? ;)
  14. That sucks. Sorry to hear it. Gonna try and send it back?

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    Nope. I am the second owner on the rifle, and the scope. I set the lazer as best as I could and poked some ShoeGoo on the adjusting screw. If I remeber correctly I ran out of adjustment.