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    Well I bought a Hi Point C-9 over the summer because I was going away for college and wanted protection for me and my girlfriend. To be honest I bought the Hi Point simply because it was cheap and available from a friend. After I bought it I started reading reviews online and thought wow, this may actually be a decent gun.

    This last saturday my dad had just bought another gun (he is a previous owner but many, many years ago he sold all of his firearms). It was a used Llama .32 that he bought from the store we shot at (they have a range in their building).

    We go in load up and start shooting. I'm using some EXTREMELY cheap 9mm ammo I found at a local gun store, hoping that it will fire alright, even if it doesn't, I can deal with a few jams this time, I just couldn't pass up the deal on these rounds :) It turns out that my gun NEVER ONCE jammed and I shot through 100 rounds. His on the other hand jammed AT LEAST once every magazine. The envy, that I saw was hilarious. I tried to get him to buy the Hi Point C-9 but he ended up buying his .32 while I wasn't there. Boy was I proud of my Hi-Point that day :D

    Just my little testimonial :wink:
  2. hey great for you! Many of us have had very similar and very fun experiences. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could offer to buy dad one for his birthday? :lol:

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    Keep trying and you will convert him.Hipoints=take alicking and keep on ticking