My first Range outting with 4595TS

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  1. First, This my first Carbine. 200 rounds thru it and no hiccups at all, slight adjustment on the iron sites, but other than that, LOVE IT! Only thing that could be a little better for me is a slightly longer stock. I'm a 6ft 250 type guy and i really have to lay my head over the stock to see thru the sites. Maybe just me but, other than that, she's a keeper. Really enjoyed shooting it. Used 230 gr. round nose. Blazer. Here is one of the targets. Keep in mind, I'm 56, wear glass's and probably need a red dot or something. these were at 75ft' the right side of picture shoulder area were from an SKS, but the torso and left side shoulder hits were from my 4595.


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    I think the HP carbines are more suited for close quarter house clearing, 75-100 feet would be a good shot!
    But that's just me, what do I know?

  3. I have seen some YouTube and postings I think here where you can get them pretty good at 100 yards with different ammo. If I can get pretty accurate at 100 feet give or take with my eye site, I will be happy.


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  4. 75 to 100 yards will still drop a canine. Over that and I prefer the SKS. But that's mainly due to not trusting the 9mm for good kills over that. Preference is under 75 yards with the 9.