My Foray Into .32 H&R

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    My Foray Into .32 H&R

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    Ammunition is more available in my AO, but you are totally on point with the price. Looked into this caliber myself a while back, but in the end, I, too, stuck with the .38. Good article.

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    I cut my teeth on .22 LR and .32 S&W revolvers. I was a fan of H&R shotguns, rifles, and revolvers. They were all I could afford. And .22 and .32 were all they chambered for unless you found an old one in .38 S&W.

    IMHO the .32 is not given the credit it deserves. It is an accurate cartridge. And while I did not use it as much as the .22 (laws back in the day required .22 RF on game lands) I used it when I could.

    When the .32 H&R Magnum came available i bought one. Actually 2, a R73 standard for social work and a R73 Ultra as a field pistol. I always lamented the fact that there was never a Handi Rifle made in the 32 H&R Magnum.

    On my list of things I want is a .32 Federal Magnum. Just maybe Henry will come out with a single shot rifle in 32 Federal Magnum. That and a Ruger SP101 in the same chambering would make a great pair.
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    NE Utah
    Just man up and have a barrel cut. Tell sweetie you prayed about it, and it just feels right.

    You know I’m joking, right? Don’t do that to her.
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    So what is a .327 Magnum? I looked at that in an LGS and online a bit, seemed like a good alternative to a .357 Magnum for those smaller in stature shooters, or those wanting to just mitigate recoil, etc. Near 357 ballistics, yada-yada
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    .327 Federal Magnum. It's exactly what it sounds like and what you said.

    I wonder if the Lehigh Defense copper rounds, loaded to max in a .237 Mag, would penetrate soft armor?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    That was my clumsy way of saying "Is it the same as .32 Fed Mag" I take it the answer is NO. The Lehigh Copper stuff in most things I have seen definitely over-perform, and over-penetrate. I suspect it may go thru more than just the soft armor... The 10mm Lehigh in Underwood offerings was quite scary.
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