My fun day at the range Hi Point vs. Glock and Bretta

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  1. Today I went with my grandson to my favorite indoor range as I do each Thursday with shooter friends. There're a couple of friends that have a lot of knowledge on fire arms from military and life's experience. The only thing is they chuckle about my Hi Points. I mentioned that I just brought a 995ts and had sighted it in and making round holes in the 10 zone round after round. I asked why they have issues with Hi Point as the Berettas and the Glock had FTF FTL FTE and a other problems. Not just one or two shooters guns but there were at least 4 guns having trouble. Most blamed the Ammo on the problems and I agreed that can be an Issue. Some guns just work better with certain types of Ammo. At that point I ask if I could trade a few rounds I had in both 9mm and .45 acp as I was also shooting my JHP. With my ammo they still had some issues while I just kept on firing into the 9/10 zone. Not to talk down on my friends I just said that my Hi Points must have gotten their good ammo and the ammo I gave to them must not like their guns. To end the story I gave back the remaining ammo I traded then continued to shoot the rest without an issue. They still had Issues, but one did say I'll be damn your HP's do shoot. I just smiled. It is not polite to make fun of others that are your friends it is better to Smile and say that the money I saved on buying HP's have paid for quite a few rounds at the range.
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    I use the one a lot too. My wife told me to go shooting on Friday as I have the day off. She said you can take that ugly black gun that you like so much. I asked her which one, all are black but to me none are ugly just not as pretty as others. She was talking about my 4595.

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    My wife calls my .45 JHP " the brick"
    You better throw it she says.
    She's shot it but her hands are waaaay to small for the grip.

    I've never had grief about the HP.
    At the range people look but don't say anything.
    Last time guy next to me is going pffft pfffft with a scoped .22 pistol on a bench rest and I'm going BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM !!!
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    I figure I am taking the 4595, SR45, and M&P to the range tomorrow. There goes a few hundred rounds of 45. Last week I went on a Wednesday (I work weird weeks) and I took the 22 mag evil rifle and the 06, everyone else had AR's and you should of seen the looks when I started shooting with the 06. Sounded like a howitzer compared to a pop gun.
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    I've just sold my 30.06 to finance an evil assault rifle but I'll get one back.....or a 7 mm magnum or a .300 Winmag :) lol
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    7 mag has a bit of oomph to it but it's manageable. But you won't like the ammo prices on either if those....
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    The 300 Win Mag is about 40 a box it sits next to the 06
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    I had my concealed instructor laugh and tell me to let him know when i got a real gun, after he asked what pistol i had. I just smiled and told him i was willing to bet $50 he couldn't out shoot my pistol with his glock. Now i assumed this would result in me learning about putting my foot in my mouth and learning a lesson not to mention get to go out shooting some more, but instead he just looked down at the floor and said. "Naa my buddy has one and i know they are accurate". So even though he knows first hand, and will admit when pushed they are accurate pistols, he still bags on people who have them. Just another elitist attitude that can not be changed.
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    I had the same thing happen in my CCW class
    the Instuctor made fun of my Hi Point
    But when it came time to qualify - He put the target out and I ripped off ten within the 9 ring
    He didn't have anything else to say
  10. That's how people act at the range when I pull my JHP out.
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    If you can't tease your friends a little or engage in a little good-natured ribbing from time to time then maybe you need different friends.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The worse thing I ever saw at a range was . . .

    An adult male with ZERO hearing protection. I was fifteen away to his left and shooting my JH. I don't even like the pop of a .22LR without ears on.

    BTW. I have to do my yearly qualifying with the 12 gauge on Tuesday. Gotta love shooting someone else's ammo!
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    Anyone that teaches any kind of firearm class and makes fun of someone for their choice of weapon should not be teaching anything but how to clean the toilets
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    A father and his two young sons were at the range today. He evidently has never taught his sons about range safety.

    Another group showed up with no eye or hearing protection. About 7 in total. Once one of them started shooting they all bailed back to their vehicles.

    What's with some people?
  15. Some are just thinking "I can handle it". I have a son in law that refuses to wear hearing and eye protection.
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    Hearing aids are only 4,000. Ask me how I know! Not wearing PSP is just irresponsible. Everyone is indestructible at 18, now at 58, the lessons lost at 18seen moot.
  17. The problem is my son in law is in his 40s. We don't ask him to go because of that but once a year he seams to get there with us.
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    i have become a safety nanny. i always have extra ear plugs the little roll up foam ones aren't as good as muffs usually but you can throw 10 pair in your bag without any trouble at all. I carry 3 pair of safety glasses with me also and thats been enough for me.

    my family suffers from early hearing loss so i am trying to keep what i have for as long as i can.

    i did have a friend who insisted he shot without ears. i had him touch off a few rounds of 45acp from my xds. he set it down after the first round and plugged his ears before continuing.