my growing arsanal

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  1. so what i have left as of right now is:
    HP C9
    Beretta mod 948 .22lr
    HP 995C
    Mossberg 500a
    Marlin mod 60
    H&R single shot breach 20gauge
    thats is for now.
    awaiting my grandfathers S&W .357 snubbie for pocket carry
    then im adding in a XD9 sub-compact for CCW





    gotta get some more pictures of my other guns since ive moved
  2. elguapo

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    A decent start!

  3. thanks. i am really getting ancy about getting my snubbie from my grandpa. i just have to wait for him to get a .40 or .45acp for carry until i get the .357. and im trying to save up right now for the XD. since my brother got one and we put the first 350 rounds through it on sunday i want one.
  4. Nice guns! Seems to me as if you have a really decent start on a good collection! Thanks for the pics too, gun porn is awesom!
  5. Right on it looks great we always love to see pictures. I don't know how many pictures it will take to showcase my collection.
  6. Sheesh, who cares how many pics it'll take?! Take the pics and post them!!!!!
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    Good start
  8. Thayldt21

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    Pics, We need more.