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  1. CBags04

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    just thought i would share
    Top is Yugo SKS, middle is Ithaca 12ga(was my grandpas), bottom is the AR I just finished building. DPMS lower, Stag upper, Bushy barrel, Magpul stock.

    For pistols Top is S&W M&P9c, left is Beretta Neos U22 .22lr, and right is a Bersa .380
    The M&P is my carry gun.....with Gold Dots :D
  2. duker_sponk

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    That is a fine collection there. How do you like your M&P? I just recently got one (my first handgun) and I like it very much thus far, no problems. I love that AR too!

  3. M&P's are awesome pistols, I love the way they shoot. Great collection.
  4. Uraijit

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    Love the Magpul stock! I just can't justify paying $100 right now for a stock that doesn't even come with a buffer tube!

    They're sure purty, and I hope to get one one of these days, but my regular 4-pos stock works for now...
  5. Very nice collection and great pics!
  6. Cool!

    I really love te Ithaca-- wit everyone usually opting for Mossy's and Remis-- Ithacas are a welcome sight!

  7. CBags04

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    thanks for the kind words guys