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My half-day or 12 hour bag

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Just wanted to show off my bag load out. I just updated it, new stove, water bottle, nesting cup, and saw. I put it together as a fishing bag, something to keep me dry, make a cup of coffee, maybe a meal. It has turned into something I use almost every day.

The bad is a FAMI Outdoors 6 liter sling bag with Gogoku pouches. Ti bottle is by BLUU Titaniun, nesting cup is from Boundless Voyage. Stove is from Lixada, Cutting tools are all Ozark Trail. Tarp is Outdoor Products. Ferro rod is UST, and match safes are Coghlans, one holds matches, the other petroleum soaked cotton balls. Mini medical / boo-boo kit is Helikon-Tex. Folding spoon, 325 Paracord, and a Frogg Toggs poncho round out the kit. Not shown is a small Ti frying pan from Boundless Voyage.
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And same with the compass. This pack will only see places that I am familiar with, besides I will have my smart phone.

There will be navigation in any pack where I am trailblazing. Usually a compass and a Garmin, along with the cell phone. Built in redundancies.
My garmin is my GPS watch. Bought with my yearly $200 fitness money from work.
I have the Apple Watch/Phone/Tablet. The GPS works together on all of them.
We're not allowed to use the money on Apple or Android watches. They are more smart phone then fitness oriented according to our company. Garmin and fitbit types are all okay though.
I guess I can understand that. Not really, but it’s their policy I guess.

I bought my Apple Watch specifically for health and fitness. It monitors my AFIB and SVT.
HR thinks its stupid to. But corporate does what it wants
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