With my old school Model 995 carbine, product of the hard-working patriots in Ohio, I decided to pull off some low-key, low-budget updates. These turned out better than I thought so with that behind me, I figured I would share these with the community as a whole.


First things first

My classic carbine has been with me off and on for about fifteen years. When I say off and on, back about ten years ago, I traded that bad boy to a friend in a gun swap for a Marlin 922 rifle. As both at the time cost about $175, it was a fair trade. Well it turned out that I liked the old black 9mm carbine more than the wooden-stocked .22WMR rifle and after a few years, we were able to trade back, no harm no fowl.

In the meantime, I had acquired a Beretta CX4 carbine in 9mm and really liked the stock of that rifle, so it made sense to swap out the factory Hi-Point furniture for one of the ATI Beretta-ish replacement stocks. At the time (around 2006), these stocks ran about $45 on Amazon and Gunbroker, a little more elsewhere, so I shopped around and picked one up.

Swapping out the stock was a little frustrating but I got it all worked out and the overall appearance was like night and day. Sadly, I do not believe that ATI makes these stocks anymore, as they are not on their website. With that being said, I checked around and found a couple on the interwebs at various auction sites for about $30-$40, so they are still out there-- you just have to look.

Other improvements

After the ATI stock came a set of Uncle Mikes quick detach sling swivels ($15) to attach the basic black nylon strap that came with the rifle. These were needed as the factory sling mounts were on the old stock. Next, I added an active red laser that was sold through MKS as an aftermarket accessory for about $45. This Beamshot laser is still being sold for the older classic style rifles like this one, but the price has gone up a bit to $57. Meh, inflation.

Then came a few extra 10-rounder mags for the fun gun. Nevertheless, with all these extra mags, I felt like I needed something to put them in which led to...

The pouch

The inspiration for the buttstock pouch is the old-school M1 carbine. This hearty little gun is about the same size as the 995 and was a standard-issue military arm to Uncle from 1942 through the 1960s when replaced (along with the M1 Garand, M14 rifle, and M3 submachine gun) by the new-fangled M16. Well one of the more groovy and underappreciated aspects of the M1 carbine was its two-pocket spare mag pouch that held a pair of extra 15-shot magazines ready for use on the buttstock.


(unfortunately the 995 mags, being single-stack, are too long to use in a vertical pouch like this, but you get the idea)

I looked around the market and found a few Hi-Point carbine mag pouch offerings that ran from $15-$25 smackers for products that I was just underwhelmed with. MKS even makes a nice one-- but it's designed for belts and not the gun. Therefore, I joined in a time-honored tradition here on the forum and decided to make my own.

Taking some Army ACU pattern material fabric from an old field uniform, I went from there and sewed my pouch up.


(My design uses the bottom of the stock, with a cut out for the sling swivel, made tight with velco, to hold fast)

Using a strip of hook and loop fastener (Velcro), I laid out the repurposed fabric in a roughly triangular-shaped sheet that I made from a pattern (take a sheet of copy paper, wrap it around the stock, and cut to fit), then tested the fit on the rifle before surging and sewing the Velcro closure that overlapped the bottom of the stock to hold it snug. Then I added the pockets with their own Velcro. Total cost for this pouch was around $6 (for the Velcro) and about an hour of my time.


The sewing involved was not complicated and if you can hem a pair of pants (come on guys, everyone should be able to!) you can pull this off. If you cannot, enlist the help of that special person in your life who can.


( I am left-eye dominant, so my left cheek is on the right, soft-side of pouch, but you could sew your own pouch to put the mags on either side, or even double them up to put two on each side, which would give you five mags at the ready)

In the end, my classic old 995 is ready with 30-rounds to go and is complete with an improved stock and active laser.

Besides the ammo that has gone through it over the years, I've invested just under $300 in the gun and sure, you can get a newer 995TS that has a nice stock and other options, but I kinda like my 15-year old warhorse.

I doubt I'll trade it again.