My Hi-points are picky eaters (for now)

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    Today I hit the range with seveal different kinds of ammo. Some notes from my session.

    None of these have been taken apart. The 9mm is at around 1000 rounds, the .380 about 500 and the .45 is brand new.

    I am aware of issues like limp wristing, different clips (lips) & how the state of clenliness can play on everything. I used at least three different clips per gun per ammo to see if I had variations. They were all the same.

    WWB FMJ = Flawless, not one problem between the C9, 380 and 45

    I tried three different kinds of hollow points. None of them worked well.
    The WWB JHP would rack the first round with some forward force on the slide then cycle fine.

    I ripped the label off and forgot the name but they were a pricey box of 20 federal hollow points. I wanted to make sure if I had them in the clip for home protection they would work. I was dissapointed and glad i tested them. I could not get the first round to load. I could trick it by loading them under a FMJ and they cycled fine.

    The last hollow point was the silver bear 9mm. I have seen some really cheap huge lots of this stuff for sale and picked up a box of fifty before I bought in bulk. I had nothing but problems with this stuff. It would not rack the first round and would jam under a FMJ. I had one what got stuck in front of the extractor and had to pry it out with a screw driver. The twenty or so rounds of it I did get off seemed inconsistant and smelled terrible.

    I got some reloads at the guns show for the .380. The jammed alot as well. I had two that got stuck in front of the ejector and needed the screwdriver again. I did notice the two that got stuck the case had split. I have ever fired reloads but cant imagine this is a good thing.

    I also had some green box monarch. It wasnt to bad. I had one jam in abox of 50. But again, it smelled funny when fired. smelled overly caustinc or something, I dont know.

    Between the .380, 9mm, and .45 not one problem with WWB FMJ. (as usual)

    I am thinking I will do a take down on the 9mm and give her a good clean and fluff and buff. If it goes well and starts eating hollow points as well as FMJ the others may be next in line.

    One ammo I did not get to try is the Powerball. I thought this might be a solution to providing a diet of home protection loads for my HPs.

    Anyway, take this all as you will. I am still a new shooter and have alot to learn, this was just my experience today.
  2. It's good to try a bunch of different brands of ammo to find out what your weapon will reliably feed. Another thing, if you polish your feed ramps on those pistols, Hollow point ammo will feed better.

  3. Sounds Like a good day to me!!!!!