My high capacity .45 1911

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  1. xxxxtremely nice!!!!!! :shock:

  2. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    Holy....thats nice!
  3. That is too pretty to shoot, it needs to be in a glass case on display :D
  4. thekrnel

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    Meh, it's just alright...

    JK. That thing is way cool!
  5. Maverick

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    You just can't go wrong with a 1911. Always a classic...
  6. look at that trigger, oh yeah 8)
  7. is that a duble stack mag??
  8. too cool! very nice piece - and I agree, into a glass case somewhere....... maybe my house?
  9. That is a great looking gun. I would almost be afraid to shoot something that beautiful.
  10. elguapo

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    Yep. A double stack 1911. I "Believe" thats a Para Ordnance P14: 14 shot .45acp.
  11. NWdude83

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  12. Ari

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    It's a para that is nice I need a full on 1911
  13. Maverick

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    You should get yourself a 1911, as they are hard to beat.

    Of course a SAA .45LC Peacemaker clone would give it a run for its money IMHO. They are both special and a must for any firearm enthusiast.
  14. NWdude83

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    Camera phone picture.
  15. Very nice. Para is doing some nice stuff with the 1911. Certainly like the higher capacity model. Very nice toy.
  16. NWdude83

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    The only thing I would change is the pastic grips. I would rather have rubber ones. But it seems like no one makes grips for high capacity Paras.