My High Standard VICTOR at the range....

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  1. Shot my VICTOR today at the range...put a couple hundred through her:


    Pic does her no justice....ex.cond...nice gold her at an estate sale for $500 with 3 mags and a hardshell case.
  2. Ari

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    Very very nice.. I love those

  3. My ex-father inlaw had two HS .22lr semi-auto's and two HS revolvers, one was .22lr and the other .22Mag. I loved shooting all of them and almost had him talked out of one of the semi's and one of the revolvers but he backed out on the deal and decided to keep em. Would love to come across either the semi or revolver HS now, but the price on one these days makes em a bit steep for my budget now..LOL!

  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    my dad has a HS military olympic 22lr. Only pistol ive ever shot that cold put ten rounds under 1/2 inch.