My HiPoint C9 Review

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by GerbilWarrior, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. GerbilWarrior,

    Great review and you have some awsome pic's too.

    Mind throwing in a link to the forum, would be greatly appreciated by all.


  2. elguapo

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    Good Review....who is that in your avatar btw?
    Hard looking no nonsense no bullcrap character there.
  3. I was wondering that too, because he looks familiar!

    Great review btw!
  4. Paladin

    You must be kidding: It's Paladin. Have gun, will travel. Used to watch him on TV when in high school. Guess I'm getting old!

    Sure, I will add a link to the new forum.

  5. On the old forum I used palladin's business card as my avatar and his long quote about his gun as my tag line. I'm glad to see someone else appreciate the classic anti-hero.
  6. Re: Paladin

    Not too old! I never got to see Have Gun, Will Travel, but I recognized him from his part as John Fain in the movie Big Jake (a real John Wayne classic for those who aren't aware :) ).
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    good review.

    maybe people will start reading all these good reviews and see that hi point doesnt suck.
  8. Good review. Thats some fancy camera work to get that good of a picture down the barrel.
  9. He played Paladin on tv and many roles in the movies, but his real name is Richard Boone. BTW, great write up, gerbil warrior.
  10. Thanks for the reveiw!! I am going to go to the local law and pick up my buyers permit and pick me up a C-9. It will be my first handgun so I think I will start with the C-9. Hell, as cheap as they are I could buy a 9,40 and 45 for about the amount of a midpriced 9mm.
  11. good idea, you might as well pick up 1000rd ammo. they run out quick and there are few place online you can get good deal for bulk. trust me it run really quick. i only have my c9 for 5 weeks and when through just under 2000rd. need more ammo~ :twisted:
  12. Wow, that is really cookin through the ammo!!!! Good thing I live about a mile from a big Jay's Sporting Goods!!!! Another mile down from there a freind of mine has a nice range set up!!!!!!! Things are looking up to a good weekend!!!!
  13. C9 Review & 10-round clips

    Hi Gerbil - thanks for putting together such a great review (nice shooting at 18 yards btw). I think a lot of what we say in the HP forum is just "preaching to the converted", but hopefully the occasional newcomer will stop by and see how many of us love our Hi-Point pistols.

    Regarding the 10 round clip vs the 8...Other than sticking out another 1/2 inch below the end of the grip and letting you shoot 2 more bullets, there's no discernable difference between shooting with the 10 or the 8.

    Next - and someone out there may challenge me on this, but in my experience part of avoiding the first round failing to chamber in your C9 is to "not baby it." I got this advice when shooting a Glock 9mm and found it to hold true with the Hi-Point as well. Try being a little more physical when pulling the slide back...let a little of your inner "Diehard" come out when chambering the round. It seems to have eliminated the problem for me. This is a rugged little gun!

    Lastly, as to the issue of tearing down a C9, I just figure that the $300 I saved over a comparable Glock or Ruger will buy me a lot of professional cleanings. Alternately, if I get gutsy and try to do it myself, I'll be a lot less upset if I mess up a $130+tax (got a better deal here in Grand Rapids) pistol than a $750 Sig Sauer. I could chalk that up as a learning experience if the worst happened.
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    Easy to assemble / disassemble. Just don't
    let anything go twang and remember where everything goes.
    Should have book. If not Hi-Point will send one.
    Just shot a hole through my door with an "unloaded" rifle.
    Not the first time, but at least I don't point towards others.
    Heck getting old and forgetful.
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    Nice review! I just picked up my C9 today....haven't shot it yet though.....I'm dying here! Going to the range tomorrow. Gonna pump some magtechs through her. Happy shooting and merry christmas everybody!!!