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one of the best things about this board, is you ask a question and caring folks take the time to give many answers - then you have to think what's best for you as PS said. Here's more fodder to consider.

I think this way - in a situation as you described - where you hear something, decide to consider it bad, take up arms and take a defensive position - you have to ask yourself "What is my best outcome here?" I don't believe the best outcome is capturing the BG, or worse. I believe it's you and your wife being safe. In this situation, you'd alert your wife and take concealment. You could wait for the BG to enter your door, but why would you? He may be some trained person who knows you're there. He may be on drugs, etc. What are you trying to accomplish.

In my HD course, the recommended course of action is to get ready to defend yourself, take a defensive position and ready to act. Then while your wife is calling 911, you are announcing to your BG that you know he's there, you have a gun and are trained to use it, and that you are calling 911. You may want to repeat this warning while 911 is on the phone so they have record of it.

Then if BG decides to test your theory, you can show him you're not a liar.

The point - IN THE SITUATION YOU DESCRIBED - IMHO, you take up defensive position, let them know you know, and call for help. There are no hero points for lying in wait and then shooting someone. "Mr. Jones, the intruder was in your house for 15 mins and you didn't call 911, but decided to shoot him, why?"

If you have to go mobile, then that's a new situation you must consider - like PS says, think it out, practice, practice, practice.

Last quick thoughts: A bed is concealment - but not cover. You can hide there, but unless you sleep on a block of maple, a bed is NOT going to stop a bullet. If you have the time to hear, decide, get up, get your gun, alert your wife, and take a defensive position - you may want to find one behind something that will stop a bullet if you can. I have a book case in my bedroom, for example.

And - I'm not trained to clear a room or a building - that is, search and make it safe. If I hear something and have time, in my house I have kids to consider - either determining it's not a BG, and if it is, defending / acting for their safety. So, the bedroom position for me is not gonna work. BUT - once I determine they are safe, the BG is downstairs - then there's no way he's getting upstairs, the calls get made by that time, etc. Again, different situation.

Sorry for the ramble - I've asked your very same question 100 ways myself and I've learned no two situations are alike, and practice and thinking are key.

VERY LAST POINT - must be the coffee - like PS says, get a dog. I've got two. I hate dirty carpets, vacuuming the floors every day, getting up to let them out, paying for dog food, vet bills........... But my dogs are the noisiest things in the house and they are larger dogs. Someone may get close and may even get in.... but they'll have Rover to think about first, and his close friend. By that time, God willing, I'll be ready too.

** that's my penny to add to PS's 2 cents.... all other input welcome of course **
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