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Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by bamaboy06, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. bamaboy06

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    Thought i would post some pics of my modest collection.Really,i just wanted to get my guns out and play with them.There are a few strays that didn't make the family photo.A couple are broke down being cleaned and modified and a couple are loaned out.
  2. Nice collection. Make sure to show us the ones that are loaned out too :)

  3. Maverick

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    Thats a nice collection. I love the leaver action rifle. I'm a sucker for old west style firearms. You have really dressed up your 995 nicely too! What all did you put on that thing?
  4. Space

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    Not sure how you call that a "humble collection".

    Looks pretty sweet to me. :p
  5. Thayldt21

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    And it is ok to show the broke or project ones also. 8)
  6. Where did you get that sleeve for the Nagant?
  7. Looks to me like the sleeve usually available at walmart. Comes in shotgun and rifle generic sizes. Have one on my 243 and it works rather well.
  8. Nice set up there man :) Puts mine to shame!
  9. bamaboy06

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    Taurus357, you hit the nail on the head.The sleeve is a Wally World special.Those things will fit just about any rifle or shotgun with a little modification.Maverick,what i have on the 995 is just your standard ATI stock compliments of Benny and also got the accessory rails from Benny so i could add the laser sight with pressure pad and tactical flashlight(cheapo-$15).I picked up the barrel shroud from Ebay-$35 and a NCStar P4 mini scope from CDNN.The bipod is a Leapers-$20 from Cheaperthandirt.Once i got the scope and laser dialed in it went from a plinker to a badarse tack driver.It just looks meaner now with all of the add-ons.
  10. Can't tell which shroud that is, but if it's the same one I have then you got a deal on it for 35.
  11. From what it looks like to me, it looks just like the one you have Taurus.... How much did you pay?