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    Wish I'd hadn't had to sell some firearms... it'd be a bit larger. Oh well, I still enjoy it :).

    "Susan" (4095, top)

    (L to R)

    HP .45, S&W 5903TSW, Ruger Mk. III 22/45, "Amber" GLOCK 27.
  2. Nothing to be ashamed of there-- I especially like the Ruger 22/45--stainless makes any weapon better-

    the S&W is great AMERICAN STEEL-- I like poly pistols just fine, but I think Cops should be afforded all steel guns if only to be able to bang a perp's head from time to time--


    Nice collection-- :D

  3. Don't feel bad. Almost all of us I would bet sold a firearm at some point in our lives. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Try and buy them back now ! I sold a Winchester 94 XTR in .22 that made me look like a good shot. Now I wish I had it back. Funny thing, I don't even remember why I sold it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. You have a nice collection.
  4. Beautiful group you have there, love the handguns! I need to increase my stock in handguns for sure, two ain't cutting it! Maybe another month or so and I can sneak one or two mil surps past momma. :lol:
  5. Needed the $$$ to pay the bills... which is why the .45 and S&W are also up for sale *sigh*. I'll keep my 4095 and GLOCK til the day I die, and I'm hoping to keep the .22 because I can afford to shoot with that thing, but right now the hospital and doctor's have me by the jewels :(.
  6. Hate to say it 4095 but you'll regret selling them.
    The money you'll get selling used firearms unless they are extreme collecter items probably won't make very much of a dent at all in the med bills.

    Pay what you can, you're making the attempt. In the future when you go to replace these items they will cost more than your original purchase price and far more than you got for them so where will you see any savings?

    Only you can make the choice but it is a thought to consider.

    My recent med bills haven't started to arrive yet. If you were close we could scrape our change and share a beer. Not only the med bills but by the time I get back to work I'll have been off of work for at least a month and my Short Term Disability sucks, I get about $150 a week, it pays for my 1 car payment and leaves me $100.
    You might have to pay a bit more than half for the beer.
  7. Thankfully I consider myself pretty shrewd when it comes to this; I sell weapons only if I get more than I paid for them, so I can at least have a chance at getting 'em back and at the least break even. I'm a VERY patient buyer; I wait until I see 'em cheap (I have a $10 FFL) and then pounce. And most def. beer's on me brother (though all I can afford is PBR lol).
  8. That's not a humble collection at all by most people's standards. Very nice. You still got me beat :lol: