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  1. Ari

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    I guess it always has to be rainging

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    Dang, that ammo looked shootable!

  3. I was about to say the same thing... Only thing I wanted to ask, how'd that stuff end up in the lake? Unless the Germans were camped out on the ice and left the stuff there when the ice broke up, shouldn't there be bodies on the lake bed? Hmmm......
  4. elguapo

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    I am thinking: SOP
    If you are bugging out, leave no extra gear/ammo for the dump it in the lake...after the waves.....whos to say its there?
    My theory, though.
  5. Well, according to the info on the vid clip, the Germans were there from 1941-1944. Towards the end of the war, the Germans had a terrible supply problem. Why then, would you dump perfectly good ammo in the bottom of the lake if you were "buggin' out" so to speak. Even if you are evacuating an area or retreating, you'd take ALL of your supplies that you could possibly carry with you, and in a time of war Ammo is the only thing you have to kill the enemy. It still doesn't make sense, but that was also over 60 years ago. Interesting stuff for sure. Gives you a window into the mind of the Russian/German war machine doesn't it?
  6. That's some heavy stuff. Whoa dude. :shock: :cry:
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  8. That T34 with the German markings is one of the best WW2 finds I have ever seen. Due to the water temp, peat covering and lack of O2 it was in AMAZING condition after 60 years.

    I am still waiting to find some cache of mint condition M1's in a long forgotten Cold War era bunker in the hills somewhere...LOL!

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    I have heard this story about backup WWII tank force hidden out in the Mojave that they never recovered. What fun would that be to come across 100 Shermans in perfect shape?
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    wow! and im excited just finding an extra round in the bottom of my range bag, imagine stumbling across anything like that.
  11. ohh yeah I saw a site about that a while back. Totally awesome find.