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  1. cd

    cd Guest

    Just picked these up last night.

    Marlin 336C in 35 Remington (model year 1954) for $250

    H&R Handi-Rifle in 25-06 brand new $260 including tax and transfer and then I added the Talley rings and Nikon Buckmaster 4X Scope


  2. Space

    Space Member

    Nice Marlin. I have one just like it but it was made in 52.

    Lever guns are great.
  3. Awesome grab on the Marlin--

    Lever actions ARE the penultimate "assault rifle"--

    Cool beans!!!!
  4. cd

    cd Guest

    I was really surprised to find the marlin was as old as it was, its really nice, I figured it was probably mid 70's
  5. do old marlins have that "pre 1964" thing like the winchesters do? you know, forged versus stamped steel? i love old lever actions...sure is a nice gun you got there!
  6. You got 2 very fine rifles there cd, great finds my man!
  7. cd

    cd Guest

    not that I know of primal, I think they were all very similar all the way up to a new one. However I've not see one older than mine, maybe Space will know since his is older.