my little gun collection

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  1. I am trying to put up some pictures like I have been saying for a while. so here goes.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]G[​IMG]]
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    Nice lookin family ya got there.

  3. thanks, but I have more, but couldnt get them up for some reason
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    missing bracket on the end of the "xmas" file, also hit enter after each "[/img]" so that they are going down, instead of across the screen.

    Here's some more of his firearms:

    I hope this helps, and BEAUTIFUL rifles, I really like that engraved one!
  5. Is the bottom revolver an H&R 732?

  6. NICE collection!!!!I'm loving those revolvers! are those originals? (maybe a dumb question, im not that familiar with them)
  7. Sir, I think you should sit down for this....what you have an acute case of "Mosinitis" for which there is no cure...nice collection!!!
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    lol on the "Mosinitis"!!!!
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    very nice collection!
  10. thanks strangerous for fixing my screw up.yea I love the MNs and the last revolver is a H&R but it is the H&R american. and as for the revolvers being originals well the bottom two are, the top one is a german made copy of the colt peacemaker. made back in the sixties, and shoots like a dream. I killed a turkey at 50 yards with a head shot at a turkey shoot with it. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  11. That is one to be envied, good sir!