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I would like to preface by saying a firearms safety is one of the most important parts and should never be altered or tampered with. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE!!!

With that being said, I recently bought and installed faux wooden grips on my pistol. I'm pretty anal about my firearms so when I noticed what I thought was excess plastic on the upper part of the left hand grip I filed it down nice and neat. To my surprise that ended up being the safety switch retention. I first thought I would just bend the safety switch itself Outward towards the grip to gain more friction but that would cause more stand out of the switch and there's barely any room for my thumb as it is on the C9.
So here's what I did. I would like to note that I didn't have to remove the slide. You only need to remove the left hand grip and then move the slide back about a quarter of its length, pull down on the safety and kind of Wiggle It Out.
From there I used plumber's solder and soldered a nice blob to build it up. Just think of it as adding metal to the switch. Prior to soldering I Sanded, cleaned and fluxed the area. Try not to sand outside the area that will be soldered. It will remove the bluing and be more prone to rust. Once i had my solder applied i went after it with a small file to get the desired shape i wanted. I would file and then reassemble and then file again and reassemble multiple times until I got the feel I wanted. I didn't get it on the first try but the great thing about it is I just reapplied more solder and went at it again.

To conclude I would like to say that it has a much more positive on and off feeling than it ever did stock. The main problem I originally had when I grabbed the pistol and went into firing position my thumb would knock the safety up into the slide engage in it. I don't have that problem anymore .
Sure I could have just bought some new grips but I'm a cheap bastard! Thanks for reading and once again DO NOT TRY THIS!!!!


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