My luck with "girls with guns"

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  1. Didn't want to hijack the gun gallery thread involving krippp's wife, so here goes:

    Ruth: Loved guns. No safety training what-so-ever. Stopped talking to me when I took her gun away after she pointed it at me, finger on trigger, before checking to make sure it was empty (mag was in). She wasn't pointing as in if to shoot me, but the end of her sweep ended up with it facing my direction.

    Kristin: Loved guns, threatened me with a .45 (serial numbers filed off, courtesy of her ex) after I broke up with her for cheating on me (what nerve of me, right?). Did I mention she wasn't even old enough to legally own one, let along carry one, at the time? (20 years old).

    Brynn: Scared of guns. Told all our co-workers I carried at work (which I didn't) among other things, almost getting me fired, and still get treated as a bit of an oddball by some co-workers who were put off by the first impression.

    Oh well, sooner or later you'll hit a home run if you just keep swinging lol.
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    I been lucky, but only so far. Most of my ex'es liked guns, but alas, they are exes!

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    Last ex: Saw guns as "Evil" and only drug dealers needed them. She also said the arts were a "hobby" and a real man needed a real job, and she thought meat was violence incarnant. And she was dating a liberal English guy because....??

    Previous ex: Never saw a real gun in person. Came home with a few boxes of bullets and she would poke them with a long windowshade pole to move them across the counter, and would constantly ask "Should you be touching those with your bare hands? Don't they like ,blow up and stuff?"

    Current girl: Shoots better at 200 meters than I, and grew up during the less-than-peaceful labour movements in Poland. Buys me ammo and builds a website to log the restoration of my rifle without me asking.

    Sure, we have ALOT of differences that may cause problems, but at least she's got that going for her!
  4. *jaw drops*



    How did you get so lucky? (Does she have a sister?)
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    I thought of making a thread like this but never got around to it great idea!

    First ex: Loves guns owns several. He dad is a crazy survivalist and owns even more guns. I doubt he would ever get a CWP but figure he carries anyway. (He thinks the government is out to get him.)

    Second ex: Is 100% okay with guns her dad has a basement that looks like a gun store. I would estimate that he has over 100 guns. no joke. He reloads and has a CWP. Showed it to me once over dinner.

    Current girl: Her dad has an SKS. She has a shotgun/ .22. She likes to go shooting and is okay with guns in her home. She is more of a girly-girl than the previous girlfriends and is scared of shooting higher powered cartridges. She also likes long guns better than pistols and revolvers better than semiautomatic pistols.
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    My wife loves shooting with me. She likes the 22/45 the most and the 9mm's are second to that. She has shot the 45 and prefers less recoild.
  8. Mine enjoys shooting but is still alittle freaked with guns.... But she loves the .22 pistol.
  9. Love my Girl with a gun...

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    My wife has a KelTec P3AT that she carries. Doesn't really touch the rest of the guns and rarely goes to the range with me. She goes to the range here on ladies night where ladies shoot for "free".

    Our oldest daughter on the other hand, has her own .410 guage shotgun. Loves shooting skeet and the .22's. I could probably get her into larger rifle calibers, but she won't shoot my .270. She just turned 14 though, she'll come around.
  11. My wife was originally anti-gun, but she's so many of them come and go she's used to them by now. She doesn't like the big guns, e.g. the JHP .45, but I showed her the snubby the other day and she said, "Now I LIKE that one." I quickly put it back in the glove compartment, lest she confiscate it. :wink:
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    I have had many exes in the past they either liked guns or put up with them as I have always had them.

    My wife, who I taught to shoot, likes 9mm has shot my 45 glock (and hit her forehead the first time) loves the 995 with redot. She is not a hunter but does enjoy shooting.

    My daughter already has her own Kricket 22 and loves shooting with Dad. We are going parrie dog other small game this spring.

    Guess I am lucky
    My Sister in law well lets say they are voting for Clinton and leave it at that...

  13. Call the faithful, my brother! A sinner needs to repent, and bring her into the flock :). Get your wife to use her charms.
  14. My wife's first time shooting a gun knocked her on her ...well you know. The gun was a Savage .22 Hi-power and she was twelve (she still has it). We had dates at the rifle range. Fast forward forty years to today. She shoots every gun in the house and does it very well. Her favorite's are the Ruger KP89DC and the 995, but I think she's moving toward the XD45 for her "new" pistol. She kinda doesn't like the AK 47 but will shoot it.

    don't laugh to hard.
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    My wife of 25 years is the baby of 10 kids. Her father (who I was very close to) never made much money. But he could make anything, he would take old surplus guns and make great hunting guns from them. Well to put food on the table for all those kids they all hunted. (8 boys 2 girls) So my wife has been shooting since about the time she could walk. She is a good shot and has CCW a Ruger speedsix in 357 mag since 1984 or 85.. I am very blessed to have her...
  16. My girlfriend doesn't like guns but she doesn't mind me havin them.
  17. Current wife wanted a gun for protection. Well, that "one" has turned into about a dozen so far, but I figure she can't count too well because she told Primal I have like 6 million of them. All in all she's very good about it. Can't complain. By the way, 4 of them are hers!!!!!!!! :wink: :wink:
  18. That your daughter, Taurus?
  19. my wife is gone now, but she liked guns as much as I do. after we got married the first thing she bought for me was a marlin 60, 22. she then ask me to take her out and show her how to shoot.
    I took her out to a creek near town to show her how to use it. Oh I was so proud to teach her how to shoot. I showed how to load it and rack it and then proceeded to show her my skill with the gun. threw a stick in the creek and shot at it. it took me three shots to hit the thing floating down the creek.
    I then showed her how to unload it. i then handed it to her and she loaded it. I told her ii would get another stick for her to shoot at, but she said dont bother yours is still in the creek. man it was way down the creek, she proceeded to shoot it three times in a row.
    I ask her how she could do that and she said she shot with her dad all the time. I then ask her why she ask me to show her how to shoot the gun. she told me she had never shot a marlin before and wanted to know how it worked.
  20. Let's see.

    My wife bought me my first Kimber, my AK, my shotgun and my Dillon 650XL reloading rig and even included a new workbench to put the press on.
    She also shoots, has her CCW and belngs to the gunclub, NRA and receives more shooting and firearms publications than I do.
    She supports my shooting, gun and reloading addictions and she herself shoots better than my brother or son.

    Oh, and she also supports my survival planning.

    Yeah, I know I'm blessed. :D