My M&P in B&W

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  1. playing with some B&W...

  2. Those are some beautiful photo's Newskate! Wow!

  3. Artistic! :-D Love the sig line too.
  4. Ari

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    that works for me
  5. VERY nice, Newskate! What camera do you use? I have a Nikon N65 (film( and a Fuji Finepix 3800 digital.

    B&W is pretty fun to play with.
  6. I used my Canon Powershot S21S... I do like the camera but it eats batteries for lunch. I don't use 10% of its capability, but I do like playing with B&W, you don't see it much these days. I'd love to have a good SLR digital but fear I'd use about 1% of what it could do. Money better spent on a new holster, another gun, ammo, and so on!
  7. As I was oogling that gun Newskate, I was saying stuff like, "wow, what a beautiful gun," etc...

    The wife told me "Jesus, you sound like you're watching porn honey!"


    Who told her?!

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    Very nice pix
  9. Fantabulous :mrgreen:
  10. nice pics.
    how do you like your comp. M&P I have the full size in 9mm for work and love it. i would get a comp as back up but the company issued bersa 380's so i figure why spend money i dont need to..................................
  11. thanks re: the pics.

    I love my M&PC - it's my primary carry. I've shot it every chance I get and it just shots. I find it easy to aim quickly and the size / grip is perfect for me.
    I have an XD service 9mm, so I'll prob not get a larger M&P, but likewise, I don't see needing an XD SC. Wanting one...... that's a different story!
  12. Does the girp improve the accuracy?
  13. short question, longer answer......... FIRST - love the avatar!!

    I've found if I take my time, using basic grip, breathing etc. I'm not a bad shot at all. I've found, shooting bang bang bang, like a self defense double/triple, I can keep 8x11 at 20 feet or so. Net, hit pretty much COM with the need to practice more and get better.

    The grip helps me control the gun better when I'm shooting fast. Does that translate into accuracy? I'm not sure - hitting 8x11 wins no prizes. But, it does I believe help me keep the front site COM better than without.
  14. Practice more and you'll get better.... I shot an M&P 9mm this weekend when Stryker1 and I hit the range on Saturday for about 5 hours.... I have pics and will post them in the Lounge... What a great time! That M&P is a SWEET Shooter. I will have to look into getting one soon.
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    I just got my M&P 9C. I actually like the compact much more than the full-size. It is one of the funnest guns I have ever owned. I'll have to take some sexy photos of it too.
  16. Some real artsy-fartsy photos. They look great! Good job.
  17. Love the M&P - does the grip improve accuracy?
  18. ah........... look up at three entries....... I answered this one! :)
  19. Cant go wrong with a M&P!!!!!!! I have the fullsize though.....