My M1895 Nagant...

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  1. My '39 Tula....$89 shipped:


    Came with holster/cleaning rod/screwdriver
  2. COOL! I ll give you $90 for it .....................

  3. I'll have to pass on that bro ;)

    Then what would I do with the 10 boxes of Russian yellowbox surplus I got stashed for it? :shock: :wink:
  4. Looks like a nice one. I might have to get one.
  5. Ari

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    It would be fun working up some reloads for that
  7. Really nice looking pistol. If I were going to get another revolver, that one would have to be it.
  8. Looks good in the photo. What is actual condition? Any wear or marks? Did you pay for 'handpick'? Who did you get it from? Sorry for all the questions but I have been wanting one bad and can't decide who to order from. Oh yeah and what did you pay for your ammo and from where?
  9. Rearsenalled Ex. cond from SOG about 4 yrs ago...
    Bluing 99%
    Excellent bore
    Did not pay handpick fee
    The Russian yellowbox surplus was $14.95/40 rds...also from SOG...but can't seem to find anymore... :shock:
  10. They look like cheap fun! I'm going to look at them when I'm at J&G next week. I think it would be a gas to get the .32ACP cylinder for one just to have such a huge .32, and it would be cheaper then the 7.62 Nagant ammo.

    No pocket gun there!