My New .40 or is it a old .40

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  1. TsabaDLK

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    This is my first Hi-Point. It is a .40

    It is new but I think it is the older model. Take a look at it.

    It is a JC40 (is this the older model)

    Looks like a metal frame to me. It has different Grips than the New Hi-Point an the rail isn't really a rail. Also the mag release is on the bottom. This has got to be the older model .40 can anyone tell me for sure




  2. Thats an old one. I have one just like that, mine is about 8 yrs old.

  3. Silicon Wolverine

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    thats the allard model. I had one in .45 ACP. The heel mag catch is the giveaway.

  4. Call Hi Point with the serial number and they should be able to tell you exactly how old your pistol is.
  5. Yep-

    would also send it to them to get them to "once over" it--maybe update any internals they can, and maybe get a free mag for your trouble and shipping...

    Nice pistol though-- :D
  6. I was amazed at how accurate mine is when I first took it to the range. Still a sure short even out to 50 yards.
  7. TsabaDLK

    TsabaDLK Guest

    Sure enough. I called Hi-point Today and found out that it was made in Feb of 2001! I cant believe that is sat in the pawnshop for 7 years. Thats allsome!

    If I send it in to Hi-point, How much will they charge to upgrade any parts?

    Allready shot 42 Rounds in it. I shot Winchester Ranger's in it which is law Enforcement ammo. Shoots great even at 50 yards. I love it and the metal frame. Just wish I could add a light to it.

    Any recommendations on a great target load that wont break the bank?
  8. This is just me. but if it is in brand new condition, and it shoots good, I would keep it as is and enjoy shooting it
  9. Fenix

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    +1 old school gets more man points than new 8)
  10. Joe Sixpack

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    cool, i'd keep ahold of that, if you send it in i bet they'll replace it the newer poly frame.

    i heard the metal framed hi-points had reliability problems, but i dunno.
  11. Yeah, that's the older model, as the mag release is on the bottom of the grip behind the magazine. Good find man... If you do send it back to Hi-Point, they won't charge you anything for upgrading parts, but I think you'll have to specifically state that you want to keep the metal frame. I dunno though, you'll just have to ask them and see what they would ordinarily do.
  12. Let me know what they do to it when you send it in. I'm sure mine could use a once over after all the rounds and time it has spent at the range.
  13. Like that oldie better than a new model, congrats.